Qianzhuang embroidered wall cloth gives you a home

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Home is the place where dreams begin. If you like freedom, create towards your original dream! Qianzhuang embroidery is only for you who like freedom and want home

have you always imagined that the decoration of your new home must have poetry and distance, and there are places you have been to and haven't been to

"spring trees and evening clouds" is suitable for you who like freedom. Nordic style home decoration, together with the boundless grassland, places the thoughts of the distance on birds, and crosses the sunset under the sunset. This scene makes people miss each other

as soon as you get home, you will be free from restrictions and troubles, like a flying bird, comfortable on the boundless grassland

go to the forest and have a look

pack your bags, set out together, go to the forest to see the elves you have never seen, and play happily. This must be what you have always wanted to do! Let your home have the breath of the forest, live with elves, and you who love freedom must like it

when I went home, I opened the door and found that at the end of the forest stream was a calm lake, as if the rain had passed and the clouds had not yet dispersed, and the misty sky could not stop the spirit living in the forest from coming out to breathe fresh air

the sunshine of the manor is just

go to the manor in Europe! The sun is just right there. A cup of black tea and a snack is a holiday afternoon. Don't cling to your imagination and decorate your home as you imagine

there is a beautiful legend in white horse manor. Is that what you yearn for, who loves freedom? Legendary and romantic, one listens to a story in the afternoon

go to the Rainforest Adventure together

take your dream and go to the tropical rainforest together! Where the flowers and trees are lush, the naughty Forest Elves do not know where to hide and disappear. Listen carefully, as if oneortwo bird calls echoed in the forest

home is the place where dreams begin. If you like freedom, create towards your original dream

Qianzhuang is only for you who like freedom and want a home

with the mission of "innovating embroidery technology and carrying forward embroidery culture" and the purpose of "creating the art of life", Qianzhuang embroidery is committed to creating a new model of the integration of embroidery and soft clothing

(source: Qianzhuang process)





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