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1、 Profile quality of plastic steel doors and windows

profile appearance and color should be investigated? It should be cyan white, not white as people generally think. Pay attention to whether the profile colors of the frames and fans constituting doors and windows are common, whether the appearance is uniform, and whether the cavity dispersion is reasonable. Calcium carbonate is generally added to the formula of plastic steel door and window profiles. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers will turn into calcified plastic if they participate too much. The appearance of doors and windows made of this kind of plastic is short and shiny, slightly rough, hard and brittle, and looks like a rough feeling of stones. Normal plastic steel doors and windows are generally shiny and patient

second, the gap and sealing of doors and windows

see whether the cooperation gap between various profiles is tight, whether the incision at the cooperation is flush, the concave convex difference at the overlap of profiles, etc. Generally speaking, for plastic steel doors, some of the first things to think about are the gap between the door frame and leaves, the door panel batten and the edge of the door panel, the connection of various profiles of the shutter, the sealing strip, etc; If the door panel is assembled, we should also think about the gap between the door panels; It is a pair of side hung doors, and whether the two doors are transparent after being closed

similarly, as for plastic steel windows, in addition to considering the gap of various profile devices assembled, whether the sealing strip is uniform and solid is also very important, and the interface gap should not be greater than 1mm, which reflects the sealing function of the window. Plastic steel doors are generally used as the inner doors of buildings, and the sealing requirements are not so high. Various gap values have rules in national standards, but for customers, the smaller the gap value at the junction of various profiles, the tighter the cooperation, and the more sophisticated the assembly technology, which reflects the slow assembly level and the accuracy of assembling things

III. welding of plastic steel doors and windows

it depends on whether the welding joint is flush, whether there are cracks, and whether the corner joints in the table are clean and beautiful. Measure the diagonal dimension of plastic steel doors and windows with a box ruler, and the diagonal dimension difference should not be greater than 3mm. The smaller the diagonal difference, the more precise the display technology is, which is also conducive to the device

IV. hardware of plastic steel doors and windows

the quality of hardware also has a certain impact on the longevity of doors and windows. The hardware used should look thick, with good surface gloss, dense protective layer, no scratches, and the most important thing is the flexibility of opening

v. reinforced steel for plastic steel doors and windows

according to the national standards, there are different requirements for the wind pressure resistance of plastic steel doors and windows. The inner cavity of the frame and fan of plastic steel doors and windows needs to be equipped with reinforced steel. According to the different height, there are three kinds of reinforced steel: 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm, so as to ensure the firmness and service life of the goods. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers do not install or install reinforced steel that does not meet the requirements. Customers should pay special attention when purchasing goods. The general check methods are:

1 The weight method is used to estimate, that is, weigh the weight of doors and windows, and the weight of doors and windows equipped with reinforced steel is heavy, otherwise it is light

2. Put the magnet on the frame and leaf of the door and window. If the magnet is attached, there is reinforced steel in the profile, otherwise there is No

3. Investigate whether there are screws fastening the section steel on the frames and leaves of doors and windows, and also confirm whether there is reinforced section steel installed

in general, customers should be careful when choosing goods, try to choose goods from standardized manufacturers, and check strictly to avoid being cheated





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