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According to statistics, over the past 15 years, the number of aluminum alloy door and window dealers has increased steadily, and the number of participating agents and precision agents has increased significantly

according to statistics, over the past 15 years, the number of merchants and franchisees of aluminum alloy door and window dealers has risen steadily, and the number of participating agents and precision agents has increased significantly. As a hot word, investment attraction and alliance is an important link in the marketing process of enterprises, and it is also a necessary way for enterprises to promote their products to the market. Enterprises and franchisees, like men and women, have their own requirements. The man should show his strength and mate selection standards, and the woman should also see whether she meets the man's requirements according to her own conditions. Once a relationship is reached, the future will be in the same boat, you have me, I have you. Win win cooperation

when many door and window brands are crowded towards big cities, youzhiya door and window has completed the upgrading and transformation of its franchise and continues to develop new markets. The goal is to have independent dealers all over the country, benefit more user groups, and let them feel the "one-stop" service and high-quality products of youzhiya

in terms of franchising, the policies of various enterprises are generally the same, but the difference is that the support will be improved. "If they are franchisees in the first tier cities, they will have more independent space, while the third and fourth tier cities have slight disadvantages in marketing and image. We will increase support according to needs, depending on the situation, but the ultimate guarantee is that everyone can make money, and we are all connected." In general, youzhiya doors and windows has made great efforts in joining

1. Store design

youzhiya doors and windows have professional designers to carry out personalized design for each franchise store. Under the condition of ensuring the consistency of the overall style, the beautifully designed exclusive store provides standard store image, sample design, exhibition display, etc

2. Promotion support

only effective products but lack of effective promotion is also a failed marketing. In order to avoid this situation, youzhiya doors and windows supports multi-channel and all-round brand promotion to help franchisees win the best store location

3. Training strategy

carry out one-to-one training and guidance for regions and groups, establish a "youzhiya" service system, and specially carry out online and offline activities and professional skills training in products for dealers

4. High tech leading

youzhiya door and window has the most advanced 3D cloud software, and cooperates with the cutting-edge iPad shopping guide system to quickly and accurately understand customer needs

5. Regional monopoly operation

insist on setting up only one agent in each city, absolutely guarantee the interests of agents, and there will be no competition with the brand and other situations that will affect the operation of exclusive stores

in a word, youzhiya doors and windows is the right choice for joining the system

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