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In recent years, consumer complaints about home decoration have been high. The main reason for the quality problems of decoration is the improper selection of materials; The process is not standardized; Relevant responsibilities are not clear. Blindly coveting cheap and rashly choosing decoration construction units without credit guarantee is often an important reason for disputes and difficult problems to solve

◆ the traps that cause problems in decoration mainly include the following five aspects:

first, the design trap. Many companies will say that the design is free when receiving. When consumers are not satisfied with the design or the project cost and do not want to entrust their construction, they will be asked to pay an expensive design fee

the second is the contract trap, which is mainly manifested in the fictitious subject qualification and qualification, as well as the use of materials, process requirements, construction period, acceptance method, quality warranty, liability for breach of contract, dispute resolution and other aspects, laying the groundwork for escaping responsibility in the future

the third is the advance payment trap. After the contract is signed, the construction party will require an advance of 30% - 40% of the material preparation and mobilization fee, but a few salesmen and even bosses take advantage of this opportunity to leave with money

fourth, the material purchase trap. If self purchased materials are used during decoration, a few construction parties will collect kickbacks by introducing the purchased materials; Write a large prescription, use less and buy more, and take more one after another. If it is labor and material contracting, it will make an article on the quantity and brand of materials

fifth, quality traps, mainly in concealed works, water and electricity, doors and windows and other projects. As long as there are quality problems in these places, they are often reworked many times, which can not solve the problem, and finally can only be nothing

due to the long process of home decoration, many details and complex contents, the vast majority of consumers do not have professional knowledge and technical supervision ability. In order to try to avoid the loss of rights and interests in decoration, here we remind consumers to focus on the following three elements when decorating their homes:

first, sign contracts well. Once the contract is signed, it is very difficult to change it. We should try our best to write the contents of the contract carefully and accurately, and the rights and obligations should be equal and clear, and the liability for breach of contract should be clear and specific, so as to prevent the public from saying that it is fair and reasonable after disputes occur. If economic conditions permit, it is best to ask a professional lawyer to help check

II. Hire an expert as a supervisor. Help review the budget and squeeze out the moisture in the quotation. Supervise the decoration company to prevent falsely high quotation, shoddy quality, fake quality, and more purchase and less use when purchasing materials; Prevent false reporting of materials and labor during construction. Supervise key construction periods such as waterproofing and pipelines to avoid hidden dangers in hidden parts; Be responsible for project acceptance and make up for project defects

III. retain evidence. Pay attention to keep all kinds of invoices and receipts, and leave words for all the contents agreed by both parties to prevent the other party from admitting after oral commitment





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