Improve the decoration style of bathroom space

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The bathroom space is nothing more than the bathroom area and the bathroom area. The bathroom area is an important space for washing every morning, so a high texture bathroom area can bring out the perfect mood of the day. Although the toilet area is not large, it is also in great demand. Nowadays, the basins with various shapes, together with the basins with storage cabinets, are showing their strong posture. No matter what kind of decorative style you are, you can have a more humane and comfortable lifestyle with a toilet space suitable for you

the bathroom adopts green as the space keynote and brown wooden furniture as decorations. The rectangular basin fully takes into account the convenience of use. The three-dimensional combination makes the spatial layout more flexible, and the clear outline creates a sense of uniformity

the simple and mellow basin forms the space of the toilet area, and the concise layout is open and atmospheric. A shelf made of stainless steel is installed under the basin to provide storage function, which has a full sense of permeability

the original stone basin and the fine "gravel" are full of rich retro feelings, which can also better express the aesthetic temperament of sanitary ware. In a space close to the natural sense, the basin can also become cute. The newly decorated basin edge and the uneven stone surface form a kind of spatial interest

the pure white washbasin and bathroom furniture not only broaden the vision of the space, but also become more elegant and clean, pleasant and refreshing. The whole lavatory area uses the least color, the simplest lines and the most common materials to deduce a very beautiful natural space

the design of the combination of the basin and the table top is simple and exquisite, easy to clean, and is very suitable for modern simple style rooms




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