The growth point of the next round of landscape li

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The growth point of the next round of landscape lighting market

since the 1980s, the lighting industry, as an industry that brings light to mankind, has developed rapidly in China for more than 30 years from indoor to outdoor, from function to decoration, and from vision to experience. In the past two decades, with the progress of society and the improvement of residents' living standards, landscape lighting has also developed from scratch, from continuous to rapid development. With the G20 night scene in Hangzhou in 2016 as a symbol, China's urban landscape lighting is gradually developing towards artistic and intelligent. The night scene creates a visual feast of various night carriers through the integration of sound, light and electricity. In 2018, with the arrival of industrial blowout development, night scene lighting opened a new era of opportunities and challenges

since 2014, with the demonstration effect of Nanchang's "one river, two banks" and Wuhan's "two rivers, four banks" Hangzhou G20 summit, as well as the national events such as the Yanxi Lake "the Belt and Road" summit, the Xiamen BRICs conference and the Qingdao SCO summit, night scenery has become a hot spot for residents' living needs and driving related business forms, and an important engine to drive urban economic development. The development of night tour economy can not only expand urban nightlife space, but also improve the utilization rate of urban facilities, stimulate production and consumption demand, increase employment opportunities and economic aggregate, and finally promote urban economic development and improve residents' living standards

according to the statistics of authoritative institutions, 60% of domestic urban residents' consumption occurs at night. Night travel is an ideal channel to meet the nighttime consumption needs of tourists. With the change of the consumption demand of tourists, the traditional daytime consumption only covers part of the demand of tourists, and the potential of night needs to be improved. In addition, the rich night tour products can also significantly improve the overnight rate and stay time of tourists, which can bring about a doubling of the income of tourist destinations. According to the statistics of Wuhan Tourism Administration, the first experimental machine loading and unloading experimental force was stable. After the "Wuhan (Yangtze River) first light show" was lit, Wuhan received 3.8954 million tourists during the new year's Day holiday in 2017, with a year-on-year growth rate of 31.8%. According to Wuhan Liangjiang cruise ship operation company, in 2015, the number of passengers received by Liangjiang cruise ships was about 400000, which is expected to reach 1million after the completion of the three-year plan of "two rivers and four banks", with a compound annual growth rate of more than 35%

in recent years, with the continuous innovation of lighting technology, the application of mobile Internet and cross-border integration, the audio-visual art of culture + technology has become the mainstream of night scene, especially the transformation from vision to experience, which has made the urban night scene from an epitaxial growth to an endogenous surge. The night tour operation will also slowly open up with multiple businesses serving the government, enterprises and consumers, undoubtedly opening up a huge market space for the industry

"in march2016, the 12th National People's Congress issued the outline of the 13th five year plan, which repeatedly mentioned or explained the relevant policies of the culture and tourism industry and the development of the tourism industry. In march2018, according to the institutional reform plan of the State Council approved at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, the Ministry of culture and tourism of the people's Republic of China was established, and" poetry "and" distance "were officially integrated together."

this move by the state really injects cultural genes into tourism resources, from shallow addition to deep integration, which is more conducive to the realization of a virtuous circle and value-added cooperation. This not only means that the cultural tourism industry, as a sunrise industry, will usher in its golden decade, but also points out the future development direction for the landscape lighting industry. In recent years, with the increasing contribution of tourism and cultural industries to the economy, urban residents also put forward higher demands for the relocation of their lifestyles. The night landscape is a comprehensive display of urban culture and civilization. The night environment full of cultural atmosphere can deeply shape the urban image and bring about the exchange of spatial culture and emotion. It can be said that it is a necessary means to improve the urban night image, develop the cultural and tourism industry and drive the urban economic benefits. At the same time, the situation of the world tourism industry is also undergoing new changes. The United Nations has designated 2017 as the International Year of sustainable tourism development. As an important part of tourism construction, the landscape lighting industry is more closely integrated with the cultural tourism industry. The development of cultural tourism economy provides a broad market and growth opportunity for the landscape lighting industry

China's economic growth and urbanization have always been the long-term driving force for the development of the landscape lighting industry, and the rapid development of the cultural tourism industry in recent years will further stimulate the growth vitality of "light culture". Urban lighting is no longer a simple project to expand the cost of paper packaging market due to lighting, but a cultural product to cater to the local cultural background and create a new normal of urban night scenery. Endow the urban night scene environment with cultural taste that conforms to local characteristics. It should have both national and regional characteristics, organically integrate the local natural style and cultural history in the lighting content, and cut into the night scene construction from the perspective of art; More importantly, it should have inheritance and a sense of belonging to show the harmony and unity of the city in the historical evolution in the process of modernization. From this point of view, only by incorporating the night environment into the development of tourism resources, we believe that this cooperation can enable users to experience a closer and smoother CAE simulation process, can we truly realize the "full time domain" tour experience and fully release the energy of the tourism industry; Only on the basis of integrating culture can night scene construction fully highlight local characteristics and convey the urban cultural atmosphere, so as to detonate tourism resources with cultural connotation and realize the symbiosis and win-win of landscape lighting industry and cultural tourism industry

in recent years, China's cultural tourism industry has developed rapidly, and has played an overall role in constantly broadening development ideas, innovating thinking modes and stimulating endogenous power. In 2015, the number of domestic tourists exceeded 4billion, and the domestic tourism revenue was 3.43 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 10% and 13.2% respectively. The comprehensive contribution of the tourism industry to GDP reached 10%. As a multi intensive industry, cultural tourism has an immeasurable boost to related industries

among them, with the development of the national economy and the increase of residents' disposable income, the demand for "Cultural Night Tour" continues to increase, which means that the link between the landscape lighting industry and the cultural tourism industry will become closer and closer. According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, with the boost of cultural tourism, the scale of China's landscape lighting market will reach 78billion yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of about 15%. What is more gratifying is that the "cultural tourism night tour" in China is just the beginning. It can be predicted that the industry will continue to grow in a blowout manner for more than five years. The short-term outbreak of landscape lighting industry will inevitably bring a new round of competition and integration of lighting engineering enterprises. It will also bring unlimited opportunities for development while facing market challenges. Landscape lighting enterprises will focus on exploring cultural creativity, channel innovation, quality improvement and special customization, highlight the cultural characteristics of urban night scenery, eliminate one side of a thousand cities, promote regional vitality and drive the night economy. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a pulling machine with a large stroke for testing the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials. Landscape lighting enterprises with independent cultural innovation ability will undoubtedly stand out in the market wave and become the leaders of cultural tourism lighting

"no night, no vacation". New impetus, new trends and new opportunities will inevitably bring night travel to China into a new era

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