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The prospect of downward pressure on the construction machinery industry is still bright

at present, China's economic situation is still in the overall downturn. As an important branch of China's equipment manufacturing, the construction machinery industry is still in a low-level operation

it is reported that in the first half of 2015, 18 listed companies of construction machinery and key parts and components of construction machinery achieved an operating revenue of 5009 billion yuan, down 29.31% from 70.744 billion yuan in the first half of 2014; 18 listed companies suffered an overall loss of 590million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 114.89% compared with the profit of 3.96 billion yuan in the first half of 2014

under the high pressure of fixed asset investment, accounts receivable, inventory, etc., the cash flow of enterprises in the industry is under great pressure. In the first half of 2015, the net cash flow from operating activities of 18 A-share construction machinery enterprises was -4.388 billion yuan, of which Zoomlion accounted for -4.108 billion yuan. The net cash flow from corporate financing activities is also showing a downward trend. Overall, the loss of the whole construction machinery industry in 2015 is a foregone conclusion, and the industry is in an extremely depressed state

in order to win the initiative in the future international competition and realize the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful country, the construction machinery industry is required to further improve the technical added value of product sales. However, the current construction machinery industry is facing a prominent problem, that is, the key parts manufacturing and core technology seriously restrict the industry development and industrial transformation

in the 13th five year plan, the state stressed that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, further promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, focus on cultivating strategic emerging industries, vigorously develop the service industry, especially the modern service industry, actively cultivate new business forms and new business models, and build a new system for the development of modern subsidiaries' purchasing industry from the parent company. What opportunities and challenges will the 13th five year plan bring to China's construction machinery has become the focus of the industry

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technological innovation is enhanced

in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has encountered a "new normal", and construction machinery enterprises have inevitably encountered low-level operation. However, the proposal of various national policies and the gradual improvement of China's construction machinery enterprise industrial chain have increased the confidence of construction machinery enterprises to tide over the difficulties. Enterprises in the industry also seized the labor pains of the industry downturn and began to cultivate their internal skills to improve their technical level

it is understood that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's construction machinery industry has an obvious dominant position, and the self-sufficiency rate of construction machinery products has been greatly improved; Substantial progress has been made in internationalization, the service quality of globalization has been greatly improved, and 11 construction machinery enterprises have entered the top 50 list of world construction machinery; The technological innovation capability has been greatly improved. From 2010 to 2014, the industry has won one first prize and four second prizes of the national scientific and technological progress award, two second prizes of the National Technological Invention Award, and more than 100 products have won the China Machinery Industry and provincial and ministerial science and technology awards

the proportion of industrial R & D personnel increased from 7.2% in 2003 to about 15% in 2013; Energy conservation, emission reduction and green manufacturing have achieved fruitful results; With obvious product advantages, China has become one of the countries with the most complete product categories and varieties of construction machinery in the world; The development of intelligence and informatization has achieved success. Most enterprises have built ERP based enterprise resource planning systems, forming an integrated management and control platform for procurement, planning, manufacturing, finance, sales and warehousing; New progress has been made in the standardization of construction machinery industry, and the "going global" of construction machinery products has been supported by Chinese standards; Enterprises attach great importance to product after-sales service, actively provide users with overall solutions, and greatly improve user satisfaction; It meets the requirements of national key fields

suzimeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said, "the general idea of future industry development should take innovation as the core, quality as the priority, strengthening the foundation as the starting point and optimizing the environment as the goal."

at present, the technical development of the construction machinery industry is in the stage of digitalization, intelligence, agreeableness, energy conservation and environmental protection, megalopolism and miniaturization, reduction, lightweight and other technical development. It will move forward to a period of multi-dimensional innovation and development, such as high performance, multi-function, high reliability, humanization, environmental adaptability, energy diversity and robots

high quality manufacturing is the key

it is reported that on the 2015 ranking of global construction machinery manufacturers, the operating profit of 11 Chinese enterprises is only equivalent to 8% of that of 6 American enterprises, but the total assets are equivalent to more than half of the latter. If compared with Japanese enterprises, the result is even more amazing. The profits of the 11 Chinese enterprises are equivalent to 11% of the 11 Japanese enterprises, but the total assets of the Chinese enterprises are 1.2 times that of the Japanese enterprises. Although China is a large country in the use and manufacture of construction machinery, there is still a gap between the gold content of products and similar foreign products. Improving quality and efficiency is the key to the development of the construction machinery industry in the future. High quality products are the key point of the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Only the basic support of high-quality manufacturing can support the development of high-end equipment at the upper level

shenliechu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry and special expert consultant of China Association for machinery quality assurance, recently said at the second session of the Seventh Council of China Association for quality management of machinery industry and the launch of 100 national machinery industry user satisfaction products that Chinese enterprises should "comprehensively improve the product quality of the machinery industry" and implement the concept of continuously improving the "Life-Cycle Quality" and "life-cycle cost performance" of products The concept of "full life quality service" level

he pointed out that the life-cycle quality is not the quality that the ex factory products are qualified and handed over to users, but the quality that users can maintain during use; The whole life cost performance of mechanical products can not be seen from the additive ratio of factory time. The reliability, maintainability, maintenance cost and efficiency of mechanical products should be seen in the whole process of use

at present, there are many problems in China's construction machinery industry. The first is the serious excess of industrial structure, including excess capacity, excess land area, excess equipment, etc. Secondly, the original equipment that does not meet the emission standards of the new phase needs to be withdrawn from the market as soon as possible. According to the regulations, on April 1st, 2016, the equipment that meets the emission standards of the second phase, including the new machine, will not be sold in China. At the same time, the relevant emission regulations need to be improved. Thirdly, the post market order of the industry has become a top priority. Finally, the innovation mechanism and innovation capability of enterprises need to be strengthened. The performance of the product needs to be improved. There is a relative lack of high-end products, and there is a shortage of large and super large products

in addition to the quality problems in manufacturing technology, the quality problems with post market service guarantee are the crux of the industry development

good development prospects

at present, there are still many opportunities for the further development of the industry. Energy saving green products have the most market development potential. The change of market demand has promoted the development of energy-saving green products, such as urban living and waste treatment equipment, construction waste treatment equipment, etc

construction machinery products in extreme environments such as high cold, high temperature and high altitude will also have great development, such as marine engineering machinery, large and super large dredgers, underwater bulldozers, marine mainframe and other products with special needs. Although the emission of non road machinery is a huge challenge, it is also an opportunity. With the advent of the era of intelligent construction machinery, the post market potential of construction machinery is huge

during the "13th five year plan" period, the construction machinery industry will adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, focus on quality and benefit adjustment of structure, realize the sustainable development of the industry, take the "the Belt and Road" strategy and the three strategies of the Yangtze River economic belt as an opportunity, integrate resources, set up 15 R & D centers, further accelerate China's construction machinery industry to go global, and implement the maintenance of strong oil sources: a national strategy

suzimeng once said that in the next five years, construction machinery enterprises, especially industry leading enterprises, should further increase investment in science and technology, accelerate the R & D and innovation of key technologies, cooperate with the state to guide the development of construction machinery product structure towards the middle and high end, limit the entry of low-end products through environmental protection, emission, safety, energy consumption and other technical and regulatory standards, and make the proportion of high-end products reach a considerable level during the 13th Five Year Plan period. It is believed that through various measures, China's construction machinery industry will surely walk out of the trough and enter a new good development cycle in the future

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, with the further stabilization and improvement of the global economy and industrial operation, as well as the implementation of China's economy and policies, various infrastructure construction and urbanization construction are still in the development stage. The next few years will be a critical moment for the transformation and development of the industry. As one of the advantageous industries in the equipment manufacturing industry, China's construction machinery industry will achieve higher quality development after deepening adjustment. China will remain the largest market for construction machinery in the world. The construction machinery industry has great development opportunities and market potential in the future

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