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Fenglin group: the gross profit margin of wood-based panel business has always been stable and rising. Release date: Source: China wood industry information pull experiment and large-scale experiment (random sampling inspection of production lines) need to test different products with different pull forces. Why do we use different pull forces In fact, many customers think so. My product only needs 5kg pull force. However, if I want to achieve 200kg pull force, I can still use it. If I just buy the current purchasing capacity, if I want to have more products than this pull force, I can't use it. Why don't I buy a larger capacity! The customer is wrong. If the capacity you choose is too large, the test results will be inaccurate, which will affect the test results. Therefore, if the product you test has a small capacity, you don't need to choose too large capacity

some investors asked on the investor interaction platform: what is the price of fiberboard in the company now that the global timber price has risen? Looking at the futures fiberboard prices, it is expected that the first hybrid polymer system will be listed in 2018. Has the spot price decreased compared with previous years? What is the most detailed price per cubic meter for each standard of the company in line with the specifications of the exchange

Fenglin group said on the investor interaction platform on April 7 that hello investors: the company currently mainly produces customized products according to the personalized needs of downstream customers, and has little relevance with futures. The product price fluctuates due to the influence of upstream raw materials, peer competition, downstream demand and other factors. However, the company has taken various measures to continuously improve production efficiency, reduce product unit consumption, adjust product structure and so on, and the gross profit margin of wood-based panel business has always risen steadily. Thank you for your communication

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