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The slowdown of construction machinery and the deceleration of high-speed rail put more pressure on the slowdown of construction machinery and the deceleration of high-speed rail. Introduction: on August 10, the State Council held an executive meeting to reorganize the systematic safety assessment of railway construction projects that have been approved but have not yet started. In addition, the approval of new railway construction projects was suspended. This news indicates that the leap forward development mode of China's high-speed rail since 1997 has come to an end

On August 10, the State Council held an executive meeting to reorganize the safety assessment of railway construction projects that have been approved but have not yet started. In addition, the approval of new railway construction projects was suspended

this news indicates that the "leap forward" development mode of China's high-speed rail since 1997 has come to an end. What does this mean for China's equipment enterprises, especially engineering machinery enterprises, who have had the "high-speed railway meal" for many years

high-speed rail has a huge pull on construction machinery products

due to the pull of national infrastructure, especially the investment effect brought by high-speed rail projects, domestic construction machinery enterprises have increased their investment in the industry in recent years

according to the prediction of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the total investment of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is 220billion yuan, of which infrastructure accounts for 100billion yuan. The procurement scale of construction machinery is about 20.9 billion yuan, and the average annual procurement amount is about 4.2 billion yuan. The high-speed railway has a large demand for construction machinery, and presents phased characteristics. At different stages of high-speed railway construction, the engineering machinery and equipment required are also different. According to the construction process, the types of engineering machinery and special accessories required over time are: Bulldozer and grader, rotary drilling rig, concrete machinery (three cars in one station), bridge support, beam box equipment, bridge erecting machine, paver, CA mortar or track slab. Specifically, there is a great demand for piling equipment such as rotary drill in the civil engineering stage, and there is a great demand for concrete machinery and bridge erection machinery in the bridge erection stage

take concrete machinery products as an example. As the high-speed passenger dedicated railway has special requirements for the concrete of bridge foundation, pier and precast beam, i.e. high-performance concrete, durability concrete, etc., and the output is very large. This requires a concrete mixing plant with large production capacity, high batching accuracy and stable and reliable performance. However, due to the rapid development of high-speed railway, some construction units' demand for concrete remains high. For example, the construction of Wuhan Guangzhou railway once caused a situation that concrete supply exceeded demand in the market. Therefore, the correct maintenance will make the plastic tensile testing machine prolong its service life and the concrete machinery market rise all the way

the "big pie" of the high-speed rail project has satisfied the appetite of the construction machinery enterprises, who have invested heavily and increased their investment. This year, XCMG's concrete construction machinery industry base has a total investment of 2billion yuan. After putting into operation, 3000 concrete pump trucks and 6001 concrete drag pumps will be formed Change the annual production capacity of concrete machinery products such as the relative error of indication value of the experimental machine shall not exceed ± 1%, 600 concrete truck mounted pumps, 150 shotcrete trucks, etc

some enterprises not involved in concrete machinery also joined in. Last year, Shantui invested in the construction of Chutian new factory with Japan's Riko and Wuhan Zhongnan electromechanical Co., Ltd. After reaching the production capacity, it can produce 3000 concrete mixing trucks of various models, 1700 boom pump trucks, 1000 supporting pumps and 200 concrete mixing plants, and realize an operating revenue of 10billion yuan. Last year, Shantui concrete machinery achieved an explosive growth of 596%. In the first quarter of 2011, when the bulldozer, a household product of Shantui, fell sharply, the growth of its concrete machinery was still too high for the central government to increase the special transfer payment for resource exhausted cities in Jixi

the growth rate of concrete machinery will slow down

due to the competition of many enterprises in concrete machinery, the growth rate of this sub industry has obviously slowed down in 2011

shengchunfang, Secretary General of the concrete machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Association, said in an interview that when predicting the growth rate of the concrete machinery industry in 2010, the industry generally believed that the growth rate in 2011 was likely to double, but from the actual operation of this year, this prediction was obviously overestimated

it is understood that, consistent with the whole construction machinery industry, concrete machinery developed rapidly in the first quarter of 2011. By April, the operation was good, but by may, the performance was poor, and even worse in June. Since the third quarter, some products produced according to orders have been delayed by customers, while some orders have been simply cancelled by customers. Based on the overall development in 2011, shengchunfang believes that the annual growth of concrete machinery in 2011 is expected to be 20%~30%

as one of the important markets for concrete machinery products, "the policy shift of the high-speed rail project will certainly have a negative impact on the concrete machinery industry", said shengchunfang

therefore, Sheng Chunfang suggested that small and medium-sized enterprises should not rush into the concrete machinery industry according to the current situation. The main reasons include the following points

first of all, concrete machinery is greatly affected by the national macro-control policies, and its market performance is basically determined by the quantities. Any change in national policies will have an impact on this industry

secondly, small and medium-sized enterprises have little room to enter. The biggest feature of concrete machinery is its high technical content and high price per unit. The price of a complete concrete mixing plant is mostly more than ten million yuan, and the price of a single concrete pump truck is also more than several million yuan. Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited strength in technology and capital

in addition, large enterprises have advantages in financing. Now in the industry, bank mortgage and financial leasing have become more and more common ways of purchasing machines. As a large construction machinery enterprise with strong strength, it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to reach it because it has established a good source of funds and bank reputation for many years, which is convenient for carrying out relevant business

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