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Yingxuan heavy industry Wuhai specialty 1 must pay attention to the use of norms. The grand opening and product exhibition of yingxuan heavy industry Wuhai specialty store was successfully concluded. On May 24, 2014, yingxuan heavy industry Wuhai Zhongxuan Trading Co., Ltd. was grandly opened in Wuhai, a treasure land known as "desert oasis" and "hometown of grapes", And grandly held the product exhibition of yingxuan loader in Inner Mongolia. Chenminghai, deputy general manager of yingxuan Heavy Industry Marketing Co., Ltd., songchaofan, manager of market management department, liuweibo, regional manager of marketing company, dengxiong, chairman and Liqing, general manager of Wuhai Kunyuan Trading Co., Ltd., zhangkui, general manager of Wuhai Zhongxuan Trading Co., Ltd., and loader users from Wuhai and surrounding areas attended the event together.

a) at the exhibition where oil pipes are linked to oil pumps and jaws, Through detailed and vivid product promotion, relaxed and comfortable test ride experience, generous purchase policy and rich lottery links, the customers attending the meeting further understood the extraordinary quality of yingxuan heavy industry and various loaders. Among them, two major customers ordered 5 sets of machines respectively, which pushed the whole ordering site to a climax

this exhibition was successfully held, which not only won the unanimous praise of the participating customers that the technical requirements were not very high, but also established more full confidence for the dealers in Inner Mongolia. They agreed to provide better service for the loader users in Inner Mongolia and further improve the share of yingxuan loader in the loader market in Inner Mongolia

test drive site

sign in at the site

the exhibition was full

chenminghai, deputy general manager of yingxuan heavy industry marketing company, made a speech

the fixed machine site was hot

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