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The growth of elite molds highlights the polarization trend of China's molding industry

the performance growth and new investment of Hong Kong injection molding manufacturer and mold manufacturer elite enterprise Holding Co., Ltd. highlight the polarization of China's plastic industry. More powerful enterprises seem to be growing stronger, while less competitive enterprises are struggling

elite said that this year's performance increased by more than 25%, setting a new record in 2011. The company said that its investment in automation, plastic electroplating and other technologies, coupled with the regional expansion of new factories in Anhui, is bringing new opportunities to it

yangfeijie said: "there are many smaller factories here. They are either uncompetitive or do not have niche technologies. So now they are living a hard life, with an operating rate of only about 60%-70%. On the other hand, those large companies with strong strength have mastered core knowledge and have a broad customer base. These enterprises are operating at full capacity. They are working hard day and night."

this polarization trend is increasingly reflected in the reports of other enterprises. Some of China's largest plastic equipment manufacturers have recently reported unsatisfactory results. Rising domestic wages and slowing economic growth, coupled with the export recession caused by the European debt crisis, have had a negative impact

Kaida Group Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong toy manufacturer, said that the sales of its toy contract production business in the first half of this year decreased by 25% to HK $156.7 million. The economic downturn has caused widespread concern in the society about plastic packaging waste, and many competitors have stopped production

in the financial report released on August 30, the company said: "the global economy is still adversely affected by the turmoil of the European debt crisis. Coupled with the rising operating costs, these factors have posed potential challenges to the entire toy industry. Under the difficult operating environment, more and more small toy manufacturers are forced to withdraw from the market."

but the sales of other large enterprises are rising

minshi Group Co., Ltd., an auto parts supplier located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, said that its operating income in the first half of the year increased by 17% to HK $2.12 billion. On the one hand, the overseas market sales opportunities increased, and on the other hand, the investment and construction of factories in Thailand and Mexico began to show results

minshi said that its profit in the first half of the year rose by 12%, which was due to the steady growth of the domestic market, the improvement of its Japanese customers, and the company signed a new contract with BMW Group

yangyingjie said that the elite enterprise Holding Co., Ltd. has also started the production of automatic mechanical insert molding in Shanghai, realizing automatic production, and moved the engineering plastic injection business to a new factory in Hefei, Anhui Province, which is located in the inland region

he was interviewed at the press conference held for asiamold at the end of last month at the 2013 titanium dioxide industry annual conference held on November 12, 2013. The exhibition is scheduled to be held in Guangzhou from September 19 to 21. The Hong Kong Mould Association is the official support unit of the exhibition

he said: "many customers have to ask for financial information before placing an order to ensure that [suppliers] are in good financial condition. For those enterprises that can provide good financial certificates... They can win the trust of customers. Although the economic growth is slowing down, the number of businesses has not decreased significantly."

he said that the sales of elite enterprise Holding Co., Ltd. is expected to reach 120million US dollars this year, with an increase of more than 25%. The profit of this private enterprise has also increased: "we are very optimistic about the financial performance in the second half of this year", and it seems that the good momentum of the remaining enterprises will continue until 2013

Yang Yingjie said that although the overall growth rate of the consumer electronics market has slowed down, big companies such as Samsung and apple still have strong sales, and the elite also see new opportunities brought by the recovery of the U.S. automotive industry

he said: "we can see the booming sales of apple and Samsung. The growth of China's auto industry has indeed slowed down, but the performance of the U.S. auto industry is still very strong. We see that the U.S. market has a huge demand for auto molds. It depends on which market you are in and how diversified you Zeng Cong and his team have finally broken through the technical bottleneck."

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