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Shanhe Intelligence: export growth is expected to accelerate

Guide: Shanhe intelligence (002097) (love stock, market, information) signed an equity framework agreement with Lamport Ltd. the company plans to acquire 51% of the equity of Italian HPM Europe spa company, an overseas agent, for 2188000 euros. The industry has focused on basic research, industrialization, utilization demonstration and other links. People believe that this acquisition will help Shanhe intelligent stabilize its overseas agency channels

Shanhe intelligent (002097) (love stock, market, information) and Lamport Ltd signed the equity framework agreement. The company plans to purchase 51% equity of Italian HPM Europe spa company, an overseas agent, for 2188000 euros. Insiders believe that this acquisition will help Shanhe intelligent stabilize its overseas agency channels, and will improve the gross profit margin of export business and promote export growth

On January 18, 2005, Shanhe intelligent signed an agreement with HPM to further improve its manufacturing technology and overall strength, and entrusted the company to be the sole agent in Western European countries except Spain. By 2017, it will occupy two fifths of the machinery sales market and sell swe16, swe50, swe65 and swe85 excavators. At present, the agent scope has been expanded to a full range of small excavators and skid steer loaders

according to the source, Shanhe intelligent and the shareholders of its European agent HPM company met at the 2004 construction machinery exhibition. On July 26 this year, Shanhe intelligent announced that it planned to acquire 51% of the equity of HPM in cash to control the sales channel and reduce the agent sales risk

hpm now has dozens of distribution agencies in the European Union, all over Western European countries, and its export sales in 2007 are expected to reach 1500 sets. HPM aims to sell 3000 excavators in the European market in 2010. As of June 30 this year, HPM had total assets of 9.9106 million euros, total liabilities of 8.459 million euros and total accounts receivable of 5.4086 million euros. In the first half of the year, HPM company realized 2. Maintenance for oil sources: main business income was 6.8796 million euros, main business profit was 782500 euros, and net profit was 688900 euros

Shanhe intelligent also said in the announcement that the net profit of HPM in the first half of 2007 was equivalent to 12.78 times of the net profit of the whole year of 2006, with great growth potential in the future. At the same time, the company has outstanding marketing network resources and rich marketing experience, which is also the main reason for the premium acquisition of Shanhe intelligence

it is also understood that Lamport Ltd and Sistemi aziendali avanzati L, the shareholders of HPM company, are the oldest earth rock machinery agents in Europe. They have been engaged in the sales of construction machinery since 1953. In the 1960s, with the rapid rise of Italy, the shareholders of HPM also grew rapidly in the field of construction machinery agency

channels boost export growth

researchers at Everbright Securities believe that this acquisition is mainly for the strategic consideration of controlling channels. On the one hand, through HPM and its controlled distributors, the company can strengthen the control of overseas sales channels, reduce agency risks and rapidly expand the overseas market of small construction machinery; On the other hand, it can gain channel advantages over competitors. Therefore, this acquisition will accelerate the expansion of the company's overseas market, and the export is expected to maintain rapid growth

some researchers predict that the commissioning of the new Shanhe intelligent plant in August will significantly change the tense production situation since the beginning of the year, and the monthly export sales of this year will increase significantly compared with the previous three quarters

according to the analysis of insiders, in the field of small construction machinery, Shanhe intelligent's product competitors are mainly foreign enterprises atlas, Guhe, Ingersoll Rand, tomrock, etc. The technical performance parameters of the company's products are comparable to those of foreign products, and the energy-saving effect is obvious, but the price is only about 1/2 of that of foreign products. But at the same time, it should be reminded that the recent large fluctuations in steel prices have driven the price changes of other supporting parts (castings, forgings, etc.) with steel as the main raw materials, which will also cause fluctuations in the company's raw material procurement costs and constitute corresponding production risks

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