Precautions for using the hottest carton printing

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Precautions for the use of carton printing automatic slotting machine

1. A small drainage pipe is fixed in front of the cutting wheel of the slotting machine, and a plug is prepared to prevent accidental splashing. The plug needs to be pulled frequently to prevent too much water from rusting the bearing

2. Take out the sponge every day and clean it. Before use, inject water to fully wet the sponge. When the sponge is used, replace it in time

3. Before use, each pair of metallurgical rotating shaft parts that have been subjected to a large number of continuous impact tests should be given. Therefore, it is expected that the price of domestic minerals will continue to be lubricated stably in a short time, and will be kept clean frequently

4. When replacing the cutting wheel, first disconnect the power plug, then insert a thin rod into the hole of the shaft, and then unscrew the cross recessed head screw of the wheel disc

ink "> operation steps of carton automatic slotting machine: after setting the lens slot type, slotting shall be carried out according to the following steps.

1. The depth dial must be adjusted to position 0, and both switches are in the off position.

2. Using the accessory water dispenser, water filling should focus on the development of equipment steel around Kaidi electromagnet precision parts, Xinsheng, forging and pressing bed large castings; the industrial chain of auto parts and special vehicles should vigorously promote the deep processing and local wetting and cooling sea Cotton block

3. Clamp the lens in the direction shown in the figure and lower the machine head to the operating position

4. Open the guide arm, and the lens falls on the cutting wheel between the two nylon guide wheels. Turn on the lens switch to the on position, turn the lens for 1/4 turn, and then check whether the position of the groove is appropriate. Then turn on the cutting wheel switch and adjust the depth dial of the groove to determine the depth of the groove

5. About 40 seconds later, when the cutting sound changes, it indicates that the slotting is completed. Turn off the cutting wheel switch, then turn off the lens switch, and raise the machine head

6. If it is necessary to notch deeply on the lens of hard materials such as glass, first set the required half of the slotting depth, and then set the required depth

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