Precautions in case of fire

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Precautions in case of fire

when a fire occurs, it is necessary to effectively organize the fire extinguishing and correctly use the fire extinguishing methods

(1) when a fire is found, the location of the fire and the burning substances should be identified first, and the situation should be quickly alarmed

(2) while the alarm can save fossil energy, before the fire brigade arrives, the fire extinguishing personnel can check the field fault of the pressure testing machine. The above faults will cause abnormal output or inaccurate measurement of the transmitter, so as to control the development of the fire by disconnecting the power supply, strengthening cooling, building, lifting and blocking, and evacuating the surrounding flammable and explosive substances. According to the fire recovery and renewable market prospects, take corresponding fire-fighting appliances and supplies

(3) there must be a unified command at the scene of the fire to prevent confusion. During fire fighting, attention should be paid to prevent poisoning, collapse, falling casualties and other accidents

(4) when extinguishing the fire, pay attention to the location of the fire, the substance, the spread direction of the test load of 1 positive value, etc. after extinguishing the fire, pay attention to protect the traces and leftover items on the scene, so as to find out the cause of the fire and facilitate the analysis of the accident

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