Precautions for using the hottest claw jack

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Precautions for the use of claw jack

claw jack usually divides us into upper space and lower space. Precautions for use:

claw jack generally has fixed use oil. Do not use other oil bodies to avoid affecting the normal use of claw jack. When refueling, please put the claw jack on top to take out the experimental machine and set it in a normal upright state. Fill it up until the oil overflows from the refueling hole

when using, please use the pipe handle to tighten the hydraulic valve bolt first, and then move the manual pump up and down. The jack can be raised. If you want to put it down, please loosen the hydraulic valve bolt slowly and then lower it

special attention: the claw jack cannot descend automatically under the condition of no gravity. The top load weight is twice the weight of the claw. If the high-3d printing is recharged again and has reached 6million tons, try to use the upper position

place the claw jack stably before use. Before lifting, consider the softness and hardness of the ground to prevent the weight from skewing and dangerous during lifting

top bearing tonnage: 5T 10t 20t 30t 50t claw jack shaft, cast from high-density alloy steel, solid, durable and wear-resistant; Claw jack is not easy to leak oil and has long service life. Claw jack can be used in narrow space and is widely used. Claw jack has the characteristics of wide application range and flexible use. It can be widely used in various mechanical assembly and maintenance, warehousing and logistics and other large equipment and other occasions

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