Precautions for walking operation and safe use of

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Precautions for walking operation and safe use of hydraulic excavator

1) before starting the excavator, check the environmental safety, clear the obstacles on the road, and irrelevant personnel leave the excavator, and then lift the bucket

2) after the preparation, the driver should sound the horn first, and then operate the excavator to start

3) check the direction of the crawler frame before the operation of the walking rod, and try to make the excavator move forward. If the drive wheel is in front, the travel lever should be operated backward

4) if the excavator starts within the low-speed range of the walking rod, the speed of starting (108) plastic pipe fittings and pipe machine will suddenly increase, so the driver should be careful to operate the walking rod

5) when reversing the excavator, pay attention to the space behind the excavator, pay attention to the impact damage quality behind the excavator and the corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by the computer; The test results of all samples are in the blind area after the experiment. If necessary, please assign special personnel to command and assist

6) the high or low speed of the hydraulic excavator can be selected by the driver. When the selection switch is in position 0, the excavator will travel at low speed and high torque; When the first position is selected, the excavator travel speed will automatically increase or decrease according to the working pressure of the hydraulic travel circuit. For example, the excavator can choose high speed when walking on flat ground; Low speed can be selected when walking uphill. If the engine speed control panel is set below the medium engine speed (about 1400r/min), the excavator will still travel at low speed even if the selection switch is in position 1

7) the excavator should walk on the flat ground as far as possible, and avoid the upper turntable to place itself or operate its rotation

it is enough to see the universality of the use of pressure testing machine. 8) when the excavator is walking on bad ground, it should avoid the rock from damaging the walking motor and crawler frame. Mud, sand and stones entering the crawler venue will affect the normal walking of the excavator and the service life of the crawler

9) when the excavator walks on the ramp, the track direction and ground conditions should be ensured to make the excavator run in a straight line as far as possible; Keep the bucket cm off the ground. If the excavator slips or is unstable, put down the bucket immediately; When the engine stalls on the ramp, lower the bucket to the ground, place the control lever in the middle position, and then restart the engine

10) try to avoid the excavator wading, when it is necessary to wade, you should first investigate the underwater ground conditions, and the water surface should not exceed the upper edge of the roller

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