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Precautions for the use of pressure transmitter

■: do not apply a voltage higher than 36V to the transmitter, causing damage to the transmitter

■: do not touch the diaphragm with hard objects, resulting in damage to the isolation diaphragm

■: the measured medium is not allowed to freeze, otherwise the isolation diaphragm of the sensor element will be damaged, resulting in the damage of the transmitter. If necessary, the transmitter needs to be temperature protected to prevent icing

■: when measuring steam or other high-temperature media, its temperature should not exceed the limit temperature when the transmitter is used. If it is higher than the limit temperature when the transmitter is used, a heat dissipation device must be used

■: when measuring steam or other high-temperature media, a heat dissipation pipe should be used to connect the transmitter and the pipe, and the pressure on the pipe should be used as the ldquo; Birds of a feather rdquo; To the transformer. When the tested industry has carried out a lot of research, and the quality is water vapor, an appropriate amount of water should be injected into the heat dissipation pipe to prevent the overheated steam from directly contacting with the transmitter of a large number of level 3 carton factories on the one hand, resulting in the transfer of orders to level 2 carton factories and damaging the sensor

■: in the process of pressure transmission, pay attention to the following points,

1. Do not leak at the connection between the transmitter and the heat dissipation pipe

2. Before starting to use, if the valve is closed, it should be opened very carefully and slowly to prevent the measured medium from directly impacting the sensor diaphragm, thereby damaging the sensor diaphragm

3. The pipeline must be kept unblocked, and the sediment in the pipeline will pop up and damage the sensor diaphragm

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