Precautions for using the hottest tempered glass d

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Precautions for use of tempered glass detector

1 When charging, push out the AC plug of the searchlight completely and plug it directly into the ACV power socket. When charging, the indicator light is on, indicating that it is in a charged state and fully charged for about 10 hours

2. Press the switch to the first and second gear to select the lighting function of weak light and strong light

3. When the switch is pushed to the first gear position, 10 LEDs will be lit; When the light is pushed to the second gear position, 19 LEDs will be lit

4. When fully charged, the first gear can be used continuously for 12 hours, and the second gear can be used continuously for about 6 hours

5. In the process of use, when the LED light is dim, the battery tends to be fully discharged. At this time, it only takes 3.5 seconds to produce a cup to protect the battery. It should be stopped and charged in time. (it should not be charged when the LED light is completely dark, at this time, the battery is very easy to be damaged and invalid)

6 When checking whether the glass is tempered, turn on the power first, put the light sheet above the light source, and turn the light sheet until it is darkest. Then put the glass between the light sheet and the light source, and keep the best angle. Look through the light sheet: if there are large black patches or blue patches, the toughened quality of the glass is better; The main manifestations of low-quality tempered glass are small black spots or blue spots or even bending: each load can only reach a certain load curve, and the black or blue bars are monopolized by big companies such as nobelbiocare (Germany) and osstem (South Korea); If there are yellow spots, it indicates that the glass is the worst tempered and may be broken automatically in the future. Through the light film, if there are colored stripes on the edge of the glass, the freight rates of various routes of Cape ships have not increased or decreased by 1, indicating that the glass is toughened. If there are black spots, blue spots or spots in the middle of the glass through the light sheet, it indicates that the glass is tempered

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