Types of the hottest rubber machinery

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Types of rubber machinery

types of rubber machinery: rubber machinery is used to manufacture tires and other rubber products, including general rubber machinery, tire machinery and other rubber products machinery

1. General rubber machinery: it is the machinery for preparing rubber compound or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixer, extruder, calender, curtain canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine

1) rubber refiners are divided into open and closed types. The open type rubber mixer is mainly used for rubber hot refining, tablet pressing, rubber breaking, plastic refining and mixing. The open type rubber mixer has been used in production since 1826. Its structure is relatively simple, and it is still widely used in modern times; Closed rubber mixer is mainly used for rubber molding and mixing. It has an internal mixing room more than open rubber mixer. Since the invention of the elliptical rotor closed rubber mixer in 1916, the closed rubber mixer has developed rapidly in the rubber industry, and then there have been closed rubber mixers with other forms of rotors. The mixing cycle of the modern closed mixer is 2.5 ~ 3 minutes, and the maximum capacity of the internal mixing chamber is 650 liters

2) extruder is a rubber machine used to extrude tread, inner tube, rubber hose and various rubber strips. It is also used to coat cable and wire products. The common is screw extruder. When it works, the rubber is stirred, mixed, plasticized and compacted in the barrel with the help of the rotation of the extrusion screw, and then moves towards the machine head, and finally extrudes a certain shape of product from the mouth

3) calender is mainly used for pasting or rubbing rubber, pressing, fitting, molding and embossing of curtain canvas. In the new standard system, the first calender not only stipulated the fuel requirements, but also was made and used in production in 1857, and has been continuously improved since then. Especially since the 1950s, the development of the plastic industry has effectively promoted the high-precision and high-speed technical requirements. They were all born in 2015 in the United States and are not very high-pressure extension machine improvements

2. Tire machinery: including tire molding machine, tire bead machinery, tire setting vulcanizer, capsule vulcanizer, cushion belt vulcanizer, inner tube connector machine and inner tube vulcanizer, as well as tire machinery, tire repair machinery and reclaimed rubber production machinery. More than 60% of the world's rubber is used to make tires, so tire machinery plays an important role in rubber machinery

1) the tire forming machine is mainly used for laminating and processing various parts such as hanging cord fabric, steel bead and tread into tire blanks. According to different uses, it can be divided into two categories: ordinary tire molding machine and radial tire molding machine. The whole process of radial tire molding is completed by one molding machine, which is called one-time molding method; The carcass is made by the modified ordinary tire forming machine, and then formed on the radial tire forming machine, which is called the two-stage forming method

2) tire setting vulcanizer is a machine used for vulcanizing pneumatic tire casings of automobiles, engineering vehicles, tractors and aircraft. This machine appeared in the 1940s. The molding vulcanizer can complete the operations of tire loading, molding, vulcanization, tire unloading and post inflation cooling. The temperature, pressure and steam chamber temperature of superheated water in the capsule can be measured, recorded and controlled. The whole production process can be carried out automatically

3. Other rubber products machinery: there are machines used to make tape, hose, rubber shoes and PE wax 0.2 ⑴ parts by weight, model products, glue and latex products

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