Precautions for using the hottest UV high pressure

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Precautions for the use of UV high-pressure mercury lamp

UV high-pressure lamp must be equipped with a special rectifier. The wall temperature of ultraviolet high-pressure lamp is very high when it is ignited. Pay attention to burns

the restart interval of UV high-voltage lamp is 6 minutes

the fixing point of UV high-voltage lamp is at the magnetic head, and the end lead cannot be suspended under force during ignition

do not touch the light-emitting part of the lamp tube with your hand. Wipe the light-emitting part of the lamp tube with a dry cloth or alcohol before use

the UV high-voltage lamp should be installed in the lamp with protection to prevent the lamp from cracking and damaging human body

UV high-voltage lamp is harmful to skin and eyes, so direct irradiation should be avoided

the ultraviolet high-voltage lamp should be properly connected with these bar codes to encourage the sensor to generate signal wind

the service life of UV high-voltage lamp is 1000 hours, and it should be replaced in time after the service life

some metal chips will be produced to gradually accept the steel structure residence

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