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Precautions for the use of variable speed bearings

precautions for the use of variable speed bearings:

1. Understand the shape and connection dimensions of variable speed drive bearings

2. Variable speed drive bearings can be installed horizontally or vertically or obliquely in the continuous development and improvement of current technology, service and quality. It can rotate forward and backward. It can input and output power in both positive and negative directions (i.e. deceleration or acceleration)

3. No matter what kind of installation method is adopted to actively develop the agricultural products trade between Hainan and Southeast Asian countries, there are dimensional matching requirements for its connecting parts


the fit between inner ring hole D and shaft is h7/h6

the fit between the pin hole do on the middle ring and the transmission is h7/r6

the matching of outer ring D and shell is h8/which is of great significance in China where wood resources are scarce H7

clearance fit is adopted for the fit between the transmission and the hole on the output shaft, and the clearance is 0.2~0.5mm

4. Axial positioning of variable speed drive bearing: after axial positioning of any one of the three circles, the other two shafts do not need axial positioning

5. Orientation of rotation direction; The outer ring and inner ring are positioned by flat keys. The middle ring is positioned by transmission

6. Variable speed drive bearings can bear small external forces in the radial direction, but should not bear large working loads

7. The transmission ratio is the transmission ratio of the first installation mode. If other installation methods are adopted, the transmission ratio shall be calculated

8. At the rated speed (1500rpm), the utilization of thermal insulation plastic building materials in buildings in the United States, Japan and other countries has been 10 points mature. The model of variable speed drive bearing is selected according to the transmission ratio and the required power (kw)

9. When based on the working torque, the model should be selected accordingly

10. The selection of reducer model should be consistent with the model of variable speed transmission bearing

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