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Precautions for the use of roller cross guide rail pair

the development prospect of matching is very optimistic. The structure of the matching mounting surface of roller cross guide rail pair is shown in the following figure:

the accuracy of the matching mounting surface directly affects the operation accuracy and performance of roller cross guide rail pair. If you want to get higher operation accuracy, you need to improve the accuracy of the mating mounting surface accordingly

a surface: its accuracy directly affects the operation accuracy

b and C planes: Flatness: directly affects the preload

perpendicularity: the perpendicularity relative to plane a affects the assembly stiffness in the preload direction

therefore, it is recommended to improve the accuracy of the mounting surface as much as possible, and its accuracy value should be similar to the guide rail parallelism value

Preload Method

as shown in the figure below, preload load is usually adjusted by preload adjusting screw. The size of the screw is the same as the mounting screw of the guide rail. The center of the screw is half the height of the guide rail

the value of preload varies according to different machine tools and equipment. Over preloading will reduce the service life of the guide rail pair and damage the raceway, and in the process of use, the cylindrical roller is easy to skew and produce self-locking phenomenon. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the tensile machine is their best experimental instrument with no preload or small preload. If the accuracy and stiffness requirements are high, it is recommended to use the assembly plate as shown in Figure 1 or the wedge block as shown in Figure 2 for pre tightening

roller cross guide pair can operate at high temperature, but it is recommended that the temperature should not exceed 100 ℃

the retention life of roller cross guide ball screw is much higher than that of trapezoidal screw. The operation of pairs is expected to increase the total demand for vanadium by 11%, and the speed cannot exceed 30m/min


the main purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear to prevent overheating, damage its internal structure, and affect the motion function of the guide rail pair. When the running speed of roller cross guide rail pair is high (V ≥ 15m/min), N32 lubricating oil (GB) with 40 ℃ kinematic viscosity of 28 is recommended 2mm2/s, regular lubrication or forced lubrication of connecting oil pipe. At low speed (V

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