Successful trial production of resin for the hotte

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Successful trial production of resin for aluminum powder paint

after nearly a year of research on the modules required for electromechanical control with hardware integrated inside, in order to provide customers with this kind of experience, Su Sanmu group finally successfully trial produced hydroxyl acrylic resin bs-u for aluminum coil, which has fully met the requirements of the above aluminum coil paint after many tests on different occasions. Aluminum coil industry is a rising industry in recent years. Aluminum powder paint used for aluminum coil is used in large quantities to meet the market demand. Its basic properties are as follows:

1. The solid content should be ≥ 60%

2. The appearance should be white and transparent

3. It can be matched with any amino resin to obtain good performance

4, acid value should be> 3mgkoh/g

5. The T-bend performance of aluminum powder paint should reach 1t bend

6. It is resistant to butanone scrubbing, so users must not think that the more you buy, the better. It should be more than 100 times

7. The baking temperature should be ℃, seconds

8. The film thickness should be about 20 microns

in addition, 9. The resin has high viscosity and good directional arrangement for aluminum powder

10. The price of resin is low

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