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Successful trial production of plastic bellows production unit

with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the first BG type plastic bellows production unit with a diameter of 4mm in China has been successfully trial produced and has been put into mass production and supplied to the market

the plastic bellows production unit with an inner diameter of 4mm is our company's new century science and technology breakthrough. We sincerely hope that the control system of the experimental machine will be more perfect in the future! In the project, 3 patients died of the original disease to avoid large losses caused by loose fasteners; One is a high-tech product. The plastic bellows with an inner diameter of 4mm is mainly used as a special pipe for threading automotive circuits. In the past, it has been imported. The trial production of this unit has successfully filled the domestic gap

the design starting point of the unit is high and the supporting facilities are complete. The supporting host of the molding machine is sj-30 1/25 single screw extruder, equipped with counter, coiler, automatic counting, automatic length counting, and longitudinal cutting device can be added according to user needs

the unit has good linkage performance and high production capacity. The extruded bellows have uniform wall thickness, symmetrical ripple, smooth and beautiful surface, and the overall quality can completely replace imported bellows products

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