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On September 12, the technical personnel of Jiangsu Electric Power Company of China used the first set of automatic acceptance device for substation regulation information integration in China to complete the correctness verification of thousands of telemetry and telecontrol quantities in 20 minutes in Lianyungang 220 kV South substation. The automatic acceptance technology of substation regulation information will be gradually popularized and applied in Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., supporting the "big operation" body, and Erdogan has operated efficiently since he was elected in 2003

the automatic acceptance device includes four functional modules: telecontrol information configuration verification module, telecontrol information and monitoring background synchronous acceptance module, telecontrol information automatic trigger module and closed-loop verification module, which can realize the function of checking the correctness of telecontrol information configuration based on the monitoring information setting sheet; Realize the front-end function of the control master station, which is used to carry out the synchronous acceptance of data communication shutdown and forwarding data and substation monitoring background information; It has the IEC61850 (IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission) communication behavior function of simulating the bay level equipment of the whole substation based on the substation configuration description file and the telecontrol configuration description file; It can complete the automatic verification of the monitoring information between the control center and the substation with one click, and automatically generate the whole process acceptance report, and can reduce the verification workload to less than half an hour, which greatly improves the acceptance efficiency of the substation control information access to the control center

it is reported that the automatic acceptance device is jointly and independently developed by Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute and Lianyungang power supply company. Four months ago, in order to solve the problem that the current substation monitoring information is accessed to the control center and the information is checked manually one by one, Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute and Lianyungang power supply company jointly carried out technical research, put forward the scheme of automatic acceptance of the whole circuit of substation control information, and based on this scheme, developed this set of automatic acceptance of substation control information integration in most of today's electronic tension machines in August. In order to verify the feasibility of the scheme, Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute carried out pilot application in combination with the new substation after full verification in the laboratory. The technicians of Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute connect the automatic acceptance device to the data communication shutdown station control layer port of Lianyungang 220 kV South District substation, connect it to the intelligent electric dispatching control system in Lianyungang, load the monitoring information setting list and remote configuration information of the dispatching center of Lianyungang power supply company for the South District substation, and complete the consistency matching of the two information with one click, The staff of the South substation and the staff of the dispatching center of Lianyungang power supply company passed the automatic acceptance device and the automatic acceptance module in the intelligent electric dispatching control system respectively, and at the same time, they clicked the automatic acceptance start button on their respective sides. The automatic acceptance device began to actively send information on the pipes of the cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe system for cold and hot water gb/t 18992.2-2003 according to the pre configured data change strategy, and then, The main station side of the dispatching center of Lianyungang power supply company automatically verifies the correctness of the submitted information in batches according to the research logic, and thousands of remote signaling and remote measurement correctness verifications have been completed in 20 minutes. Previously, this work took more than a week

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