Successful upgrade of cellophane packaging machine

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The transparent paper packaging machine of Tianjin cigarette factory has been upgraded successfully. After more than half a year of efforts, the model worker Innovation Studio of the second workshop of Tianjin cigarette factory has successfully developed an upgraded transparent paper packaging machine for the production of Evergrande (full open cigarette Kui), which has successfully solved the design problems of the original device

this transparent paper packaging machine equipment is dedicated to the production of high-end cigarettes. It is a personalized cigarette machine equipment, and there is no ready-made data and experience for reference in the industry. Therefore, in terms of design, processing, installation, commissioning, etc., the labor model innovation studio has been promoted in an all-round way. By adding a set of independently designed turnover device, the design defects of the original standard reference conditions, also known as standard experimental conditions, have been successfully transformed and solved, and the automation level has been improved. The application of this device ensures that the cigarette packets are flat on all sides, the cigarette packets are automatically emptied when the equipment is shut down, and the production capacity of synthetic rubber in China reaches 5.18 million tons, which proves the flexible treatment of cigarette packets in the moving state, and fills the design deficiency of the original transparent paper packaging machine. At the same time, the allocation of operators is reduced, the labor intensity is reduced, and the production and operation rate continues to increase

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