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The trial production of plastic wood composite material project in Shandong is successful

recently, the trial production of Shandong Qixing Kaidi composite material project phase I, a joint venture project between Shandong Zouping power group and Canadian Kaidi group, was successful. The project takes crop straw and waste plastics as the main raw materials, which can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by burning crop straw and increase farmers' income, but also remove the white pollution caused by plastic waste. It has high economic and social benefits and fills the gap in Shandong Province. Based on the average annual output of 4 cubic meters of wood per mu of forest, the annual output of this project is equivalent to the reconstruction of more than 5000 mu of forest due to lack of experience and no access to relevant data

plastic wood composite is a new type of green environmental protection material. This material does not contain adhesives, formaldehyde and other harmful chemical components, and is an environmental friendly and energy-saving high-tech product. There is no waste water, waste gas, waste residue and noise pollution in the whole production process. The hot steam used for drying wood flour is condensed and added to the circulating water system, which maximizes energy conservation, cleaner production and does not produce any pollution. This kind of material can also be recycled infinitely for testing users who focus on robustness, which can be produced circularly and fully save energy

this material can be processed into various plates and profiles with ten times stronger performance than hardwood by extrusion process, which can comprehensively replace wood in all fields, and can also be used to produce various plastic substitutes with better performance than plastic by molding process. The heavy-duty industrial pallets and industrial packaging boxes produced with this material can not only replace similar wood products and reduce wood consumption, but also solve the limitation of wood packaging for export products due to parasites. This kind of material has a wide range of applications in almost all fields, such as automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, construction, decoration and so on. Because this material is environmentally friendly and durable, recycled, insect resistant and flame retardant, and low-cost, it has an inestimable market prospect

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