Analysis of the hottest domestic paper industry

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Analysis of domestic paper industry

this year, the paper price is generally on the rise, especially the domestic grass and tree mixed pulp paper, which is the key to determine whether the business is good or not according to the accuracy of the producer's own product positioning and the point of view of the paper products combined with the market customers

at present, the paper market should maintain a high but not low trend in the next oneortwo years. There are two reasons for your reference: first, Beijing's successful Olympic bid requires environmental protection. Many large and medium-sized paper enterprises fail to meet the environmental protection standards. Nearly 200 enterprises in Henan Province alone have closed down, and other provinces have similar situations. So up to now, the supply of paper is in short supply, and the price is only rising but not falling; Second, China is a country with vast territory and abundant resources, and its forest resources are relatively limited. In addition, China will strengthen environmental protection work, so it will mainly import pulp in the future, which will increase the cost of papermaking, resulting in a situation of only rising but not falling. Now there is too much competition and too many paper mills, which is very natural. I believe it will be more difficult to do in the next few years; The price of many imported wood pulp rises too fast, so does the domestic wood pulp, and the price of finished paper products cannot rise for a while, which leads to small profits and high requirements of paper enterprises, so it is naturally difficult to do business. With the continuous attention of the state to the environmental protection of the paper industry and the continuous strengthening of law enforcement, the pressure on the paper mill itself is not small

at present, there is also a lot of pressure on the paper sales staff, especially the sales staff of some small paper enterprises, who do not have much advantage to compete with large paper enterprises. Large enterprises will be much better. The scale of enterprises is large, and the output of some small enterprises can only catch up with it, which can be one for ten, or even more. This is also the production of a kind of paper, and the time required and the quality of the products produced are not the same! Generally, large paper-making enterprises will have more advantages in the investment of production equipment, and they have more resources to make full use of. Small paper-making enterprises may not be able to spend more money to update their equipment in time, and their environmental protection work is not satisfactory, which will cause pollution to the location. Today, with the increasing strengthening of environmental protection work in China, no matter whether your enterprise is large or small, you should be responsible for the local environment. You cannot develop the economy at the expense of the environment and take the road of pollution first and then treatment. Local governments are also fully aware of the importance of environmental protection, vigorously develop green GDP, and the paper industry has become an important regulatory object. Enterprises are facing various pressures to develop the number of axles, which is much higher than that of ordinary trains, and to deal with the pollution caused by papermaking

however, the annual market demand continues to increase. The output of domestic paper Changchun, Hongshan, Guangzhou experimental machines we ⑶ 00a, we (6) 00, we (1) 000 jaw plywood, pressing plate, lever support assembly, flat jaw, round jaw, etc. and paperboard increases dramatically every year. It can't be said that paper mills are closed if there is pollution in papermaking. In that case, we can only buy tens of millions of tons of paper with huge foreign exchange for our own marketing expenses. It seems that this is not feasible. Therefore, the paper industry is a sunrise industry in China except for oil. Next, the trend of paper is bound to develop at a substantial increasing speed, because it has great market potential. From the perspective of market demand, China's per capita consumption of paper has not yet reached the world's per capita consumption, which is one tenth of the per capita consumption of advanced developed countries, which means that China's paper market has extremely huge development space and potential, so great profit space is here

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