Successful trial production of the latest laser an

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A new type of laser portal steel pipe scaffold JG 13 ⑴ 999 anti-counterfeiting printing film was successfully trial produced.

a new type of high-precision laser anti-counterfeiting printing film with a carbonized layer on its surface was successfully trial produced at one time in Jiangsu Shenlong High Tech Co., Ltd. This product not only has the function that the hydraulic transmission parts should not have impact scene printing and can be pasted with anti-counterfeiting patterns in the return activities, but also has excellent performance such as high anti-counterfeiting accuracy, accurate positioning (P lower error is within ± 0.2mm), and the anti-counterfeiting patterns can be arbitrarily designed by customers

Shenlong high tech has increased its research and development efforts in process improvement and technical breakthrough, made full use of existing equipment, carefully designed, boldly reformed, and passed the process feasibility demonstration. The new production process is becoming more and more mature, and has been successfully developed with the joint cooperation of personnel at all levels of the technology department and the production workshop. After the product was put into the market, it was welcomed and recognized by customers, and set the highest price of Shenlong high-tech printing film. The new high-precision and localizable laser anti-counterfeiting printing film will become a new profit growth point after Shenlong high-tech's new products enter the future and are likely to become one of the successful templates of state-owned enterprise interconnection + reform

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