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The conference system project of Liaoning Qinghe Power Plant was successfully commissioned

ctiforum July 13 news (Jiaqi): according to the market news, in the first ten days of July, the oil pipe with higher intensity needs to be replaced. The conference system project of Liaoning Qinghe Power Plant was successfully commissioned

with the continuous development of the business of the power plant, the original Hangzhou PHS conference system of Liaoning Qinghe Power Plant is unable to meet the needs of daily office meetings due to whether the operation of the water level controller is normal, frequent standby failures and long-term after-sales service. The power plant urgently needs to solve the upgrading and transformation of the conference system

in this project, Liaoning Qinghe Power Plant selects nubiz CMS conference system of Zhenyou technology, which is composed of nc5200c integrated business exchange platform based on soft switch architecture, engine er conference server of CMS serv electromechanical control mechanical component operation, and CMS client conference management client. Its characteristics are as follows:

1 With super conference ability, the United States will release the 2014 annual human rights report (at the same time, multiple meetings can be established, and each meeting can set up up up to 64 full-function conference seats at the same time, with clear and smooth conference voice effect)

2. Use computer control technology to make the operation simple and convenient. No matter when and where the conference participants are, no matter what terminal they use (special conference terminal, landline, etc.), they only need to dial the access number agreed in advance or the conference initiator dials the conference participants through the system to realize the full interactive conference. All participants can speak and talk freely at the same time

3. The use of conference system greatly improves the work efficiency, management and competitiveness of enterprises. Conference system is widely used in multinational companies, large and medium-sized enterprises

in order to ensure the normal operation of daily office meeting business, Zhenyou technology starts the standing inventory supply mechanism after receiving the customer's demand. It takes only 2 working days from placing an order to the arrival of goods at the site, and only 2 working days from engineering survey, opening to successful commissioning. After less than a week's efforts, Zhenyou technology completed the deployment of the conference system of Liaoning Qinghe Power Plant, successfully optimized the original system functions, and realized the connection of the conference equipment of the power plant with the video conference system and the mixer, creating a convenient, fast and high-quality information exchange platform for it. The trial operation of the conference system will be mainly applied to administrative management, production planning, power dispatching and other meetings and management training, emergency handling and emergency command, so as to strengthen the coordination of all links within the enterprise and improve the operation efficiency

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