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The trial spinning of micro denier acrylic fiber in Qilu Petrochemical Acrylic Fiber Plant was successful

recently, the research and development of new products in Qilu Petrochemical Acrylic Fiber Plant has made significant progress. After small batch production, micro denier acrylic fiber has been successfully used in the trial spinning of ready-made clothes for the first time

micro denier acrylic staple fiber is a new product produced by applying the high-power drawing dry process technology developed by the factory in 2012. This product saves money and has the advantages of both the softness of cotton fiber and the flexibility of conventional acrylic fiber. Its fabric has a softer hand feel, good warmth retention and moisture absorption. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of pure cotton fabric, such as non washing resistance and easy deformation, and has a good market prospect. After the shrinkage of orders, parameter adjustment and process transformation of many insulation businesses in the early stage, the factory entrusted China Textile Jinwei Textile Co., Ltd. to carry out underwear trial spinning. The trial spinning effect was ideal and received the attention of many users

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