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Sliding doors can save space to the greatest extent, show a different style in any area of the home, and also act as a partition

sliding door can save space to the greatest extent, show different style in any area of the home, and also play a role of partition. No matter what style of home, or different spaces, it can always bring different beauty to the home. Let's follow Xiaobian to enjoy the next few groups of different sliding door designs

1. Bedroom sliding door design style

bedroom is the largest space and the most private space. How can we not design it well? Black gray invisible track door, with anti-collision strip design at the edge, safe and convenient. The invisible door not only retains privacy, but also has a very high appearance value. The space utilization rate of a whole embedded wardrobe is high, and the middle is separated by wood. The storage rack on each floor has strong accommodation, and everything seems warm and loving. With the gray log floor, the texture of the whole space can be improved. How can the unique decoration and minimalist decoration style of the whole space not be impressive

2. Partition sliding door design

small space also has large texture. The overall use of bright colors, the use of partition sliding door, when opened, the rest area, learning area and storage area are integrated, and the transparent shape is easier to be accepted. The matching of orange sliding door and milky white background has no sense of conflict. The sliding door can also be decorated with murals of various colors. It can be used as a message board, and the children's own paintings or group photos can be pasted on it, which will make the whole look less monotonous. The use of the top pulley is simple and rough. The overall design gives a big sense of texture to the small space, and the children's room can also be designed in this way

3. Concealed kitchen move

the kitchen floor is paved with retro bricks, which is visually dark. The cabinet is made of milky wood color, which is simple and clean as a whole. The metal decoration also improves the overall visual impact of the kitchen. It is best to use inlaid lockers in small spaces, so that the function of moving doors is more prominent, which will not occupy a lot of kitchen space and improve the aesthetics. The metal framed glass sliding door should not be set too high in consideration of height, but it can be set a little deeper. The middle is separated by glass, making full use of every inch of space, and there is no need to worry about all kinds of dry goods. There is no place for bottles and cans

4. The living room kitchen partition glass

the kitchen adopts a semi open type, the dining table and the kitchen are integrated, and the other wall is a practical front inlaid storage cabinet, which adopts a floor type glass door, and the overall space utilization rate is high. The simple decoration style mostly adopts glass door partition and black metal edging, which is transparent and pure, with full texture, increasing the lighting of the living room and kitchen. Metal lamps are used for decoration, green plants are used for decoration, and dark color decoration is used as a little edge collocation, which presents another unique style. In such a kitchen, you won't feel tired to cook in it every day

5. Hidden small study push and pull

in the bedroom, the sliding door can not only be used as a wardrobe decoration, using full imagination, but also be skillfully made into an invisible storage cabinet door. One half of the whole wall is used as a wardrobe, and the other half is used as a desk and bookcase. When the door was closed, it was the invisible wardrobe. Who ever thought that there was a hidden study inside. The simple colors of white, gray and black make breathing easier. The simple green plant design seems to be displayed casually, but it does not appear messy, but has a few lazy breath

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