There is heaven and earth inside the wooden door d

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Whether it is a door or a room door, it needs to have better sound insulation, anti-theft and impact resistance to have a sense of security. Therefore, we should choose decorative doors with dense materials, solid structure and safe use

study: the study door should choose a door type with good sound insulation effect, good light transmission and strong sense of design. For example, frosted glass with Oracle Bone decoration or wooden door with ancient window edge pattern can produce a simple and elegant scholarly charm, and the sound insulation effect of T-shaped door is very good

Kitchen: the kitchen door should choose a door type with good waterproof and sealing, so as to effectively block the oil smoke generated during cooking, such as the semi glass door with sandblasting pattern or semi transparent

bathroom: the bathroom door mainly focuses on privacy, waterproof and other factors, and you can choose the fashionable fully frosted semi glass door type. Plastic steel doors and stainless steel doors should be considered for toilets with dry and wet areas

bedroom: the most important thing for bedroom doors is to consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere, so they often use solid door types with weak light transmittance, such as frosted glass, square format, and elegant wooden doors





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