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Shanghai team's housing slaves have no money to decorate their new houses and have been idle for more than a year. More and more people have taken to the basketball court, but there is only one Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi and Yi Jianlian. After all, a few people are famous. The pyramid stands there, and the tip is closer to the sky. More often, there is no difference between going to the court and entering the workplace. Working for others and eating by craft. Earn money, buy a house, get married, and honor your parents. As the days passed, when youth began to become a memory and maturity began to take hold, those ordinary CBA workers were calculating whether they would exchange their sweat for a guarantee for their families

cba ordinary people's work record

protagonist of struggle - Wang Yong, 23, Shanghai Men's basketball team, has been playing for 7 years

finally struggled to build a house in Shanghai

this edition's writer intern reporter Huang Jingyu

a song sings like this: "I want to have a home, a place that doesn't need to be too big. When I'm scared, I won't be afraid." For everyone who is a stranger in a foreign country, the feeling of finding a home in a different place is the biggest driving force for their struggle. Wang Yong of Shanghai Oriental men's basketball team is one of them. He came to Shanghai from Jiangsu at the age of 14. Now he seems to be a new Shanghainese, buying a house in Shanghai, picking up his parents to Shanghai and integrating into the city. Relying on basketball, Wang Yong showed us the image of a struggling new Shanghainese

"Fu Tian will assign great responsibility to me, so I must first suffer my mind and will, and strain my muscles and bones." This is Wang Yong's QQ signature, which has remained unchanged for a long time. When asked what the "big responsibility" in his signature refers to, Wang Yong said with a smile: "in large terms, it refers to making contributions to the country and Shanghai basketball, which is the wish of every professional player. In small terms, it refers to starting a family and business in Shanghai. In fact, our life, like ordinary people, pursues the most simple feeling."

the simple life referred to by Wang Yong completed the first step of his ideal in 2008. Last March, Wang Yong finally bought a house in Shanghai, which is his dream. Unlike football players who can easily buy a house after playing for a year or two, Wang Yong saved five years to buy a house. "When he just joined the first team, his salary was very low and he didn't have much savings, so he didn't dare to buy a house."

the longer he stayed in Shanghai, the more Wang Yong looked forward to having a home. "He wanted to buy a house in 2006. At that time, he felt almost the same, but because the house price was too high, he wanted to wait."

after playing in the professional league for four years, Wang Yong began to have a plan to buy a house, but buying a house in Shanghai is not a small burden for young Wang Yong. Although he has been planning for a long time, Wang Yong has only smelled the fragrance but not tasted it. Looking at the rising house prices, he even retreated later

an accidental opportunity made Wang Yong decide to buy a house. "That day, my mother came to Shanghai to play. On Sunday, I went out with my mother and my girlfriend to have a look at the real estate information. When I went out, I didn't expect to buy a house at all, but when I arrived at the second sales office, I felt that the house over there was good. Mainly because my mother said yes, I decided to buy it, because the price was really a little high, and I was still a little heartless at that time."

in this way, Wang Yong decided to buy the house by going shopping with his mother and girlfriend. Wang Yong said that if his mother hadn't been there, he might not have bought this house alone or just going out with his girlfriend

in addition to his mother urging him to get married and start a business and need to buy a house, Wang Yong said that another reason for buying a house last year was that he heard that house prices would rise again. "Originally, I took a fancy to another building, which is very close to our sports courtyard, and wanted to wait for it to open. But the developer has been covering the plate, and it may take more than a year to sell. I don't think I can wait, and the house price is getting higher and higher."

the deposit is 50000 yuan, and there is no way left for him.

Wang Yong's house is located in Xujiahui, with an area of more than 100 square meters. When he bought it, it was more than 20000 yuan per square meter. Wang Yong said that because the surrounding living facilities are not very complete, he can buy the house at this price. Recalling the process of buying a house can only be described in one word - fast

his mother made up her mind to buy a house for him, and all the next things need Wang Yong to undertake alone

"I don't have much money at home, so I need to find my own way to buy a house." Wang Yong said that in order not to leave a way for himself, he paid a deposit of 50000 yuan on the day of looking at the house, and then he had to find a way to raise money to pay the down payment. The down payment for a house with more than 2 million yuan was more than 600000 yuan. Wang Yong said he didn't have that much money at that time. But with the strong support of his mother, Wang Yong took out more than 400000 yuan, and then borrowed some from relatives and friends. A few days later, he handed in the down payment

although he spent all his savings, Wang Yong felt it was very worthwhile. "My mother likes it, because I listen to her better." Wang Yong still remembers the day when he handed in the down payment and signed the contract. Because his girlfriend and mother didn't have time, he went alone. When deciding on the number of years of commercial repayment, Wang Yong gnawed his teeth and filled in "20 years": "because there are many commercial loans, if the time is longer, the future interest will be even more incalculable, so I'd rather pay more every month and try to pay it back as soon as possible." Speaking of the loan repayment pressure of more than 10000 yuan per month, Wang Yong does not regret his original decision

Wang Yong used this sentence to describe the difficulties he is facing now. Due to the sudden withdrawal of capital from western group, the Shanghai Men's basketball team has been out of food for several months. Athletes like Wang Yong can only get 1000 yuan of salary from the sports technology institute every month. The repayment of the loan in recent months has made Wang Yong a little breathless. "Fortunately, he still has some savings and basically hasn't borrowed money to repay the loan. If he doesn't make money this month, he will borrow money from Peng Ge (Peng Fei). If he can't do it again, I'll sell the house. If you want the house, I'll sell it to you at a discount." Wang Yong joked to the reporter

although facing heavy pressure to repay the loan, Wang Yong is still full of hope for the future, "soon, soon, the team will get better soon. We will concentrate on playing now and don't think about anything." Wang Yong said with a smile

there was no money to install the new house, which was empty for more than a year.

at an unusually hot noon, Wang Yong and Wang Yong, who had just finished training, came to the canteen of the Physical Education Institute. The team will practice again at 3 p.m. in order to save time, Wang Yong was interviewed while eating

when Wang Yong was asked to describe the appearance of his new house, he just lowered his head and kept stirring the food in the bowl with a spoon. After thinking for a long time, he slowly looked up and said with a wry smile, "the house has not been decorated yet, and I don't go much, so I don't know how to say." As soon as he finished speaking, he bowed his head again

Wang Yong bought an existing house at that time, and got the key after buying it. After several times, he saw various decoration teams entering the building, and the decoration sound of "Ding Ding Dong" made him envious. "I'm thinking about the team going through the crisis quickly, saving some money for decoration, and looking at people living in it, I'm still very envious. It's a waste to buy an empty house for a year." In the evening, I saw that every household in the community was brightly lit, but the windows of my house had been closed and there was no light at all. Wang Yong was also sad when he said this

"it also takes more than 200000 yuan to decorate. Now painting a wall, pasting tiles, and laying a floor are all a lot of expenses, which we really can't afford at present." Let Wang Yong imagine the future decoration plan, he said helplessly: "if you really want to decorate, ask your teammates for advice, they all have some experience."

Wang Yong has a very stable girlfriend. When they bought a house, they had the idea of starting a family. "Now they are not young, and it is time to start a family, so they have to continue to work hard."

on the afternoon of the interview, the members of the Shanghai Men's basketball team received their three-month salary from the team, which was really a relief to Wang Yong, who was repaying the loan. "This money is not enough for decoration, and can only be used to repay the loan every month."

Shanghai Men's basketball team "house slaves" group

players' purchase area purchase time house size at that time the current monthly supply of house price

PENG Fei Songjiang in September 2008, more than 140 square meters, about 11000 yuan/m2, more than 7000 yuan

confession: I'm happy to buy a house, but at present, I'm under great pressure, and I'm sure I'm in short supply, so I have to restrain my daily expenses a little. But I believe the team will get better. We will tide over the difficulties together with the team. Everything has a cycle, and now it is only a temporary difficulty

Wang Sizhang Putuo at the beginning of 2009, more than 100 square meters, 17000 yuan/m2, about 10000 yuan

confession: the pressure must be very great, and he has a lot of debt. Because we are going to get married in September this year, we have to decorate the house just after buying it, and we have to do catering. Fortunately, we have the help and support of family and relatives. But I don't want to always turn to my relatives and friends when I have difficulties. Try to solve them by myself slowly

Wang Ligang Minhang at the beginning of 2008, 85 square meters, more than 8000 yuan/meter, more than 24000 yuan

confession: when I bought a house, I felt tired. I was really tired, and I was under great pressure. With his injury, he suddenly felt that the future had become an uncertain factor, and his mentality had changed. It's like buying a house. You see, I don't buy a particularly good one. After all, I've experienced many things and I'm more cautious about buying a house. It can only be said that our work is risky

Luo Xudong Songjiang in September 2008, more than 150 square meters, about 11000 yuan/m2, more than 9000 yuan

confession: buying a good house makes me feel that I should cherish my current work and cherish the present. At present, the team has encountered some difficulties, but I think there is no motivation without pressure. I am not afraid of difficulties

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