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From September 5 to 7, the "2016 fourth China wood door advanced manufacturing technology and industrial development seminar" jointly hosted by China forest products industry association and the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences was held in Zhejiang Province

from September 5 to 7, 2016, the "2016 fourth China wood door advanced manufacturing technology and industrial development seminar", CO sponsored by China forest products industry association and the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, was grandly held in Shibo Hotel, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province

Mengtian wooden door, Tata wooden door, WanJiaYuan, Runcheng Chuangzhan and other leaders of the door industry all showed up to discuss the development and future of the wooden door industry. As a golden partner of door enterprises, Guangdong Huilong coating Co., Ltd. uv& Mr. Wang Jiaming, general manager of water-based paint business department, was invited to attend and delivered a speech entitled "environmental protection coating solutions for wooden doors", which promoted the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing of wooden doors in China

group photo of all participants

door industry grand meeting talking about development

the theme of this meeting is "wooden door" intelligent "manufacturing, environmental protection coating", focusing on the development trend of wooden door industry, automation, intelligent processing, environmental protection coating and other key technologies and common technologies, in order to provide a high-level technology exchange platform for participants. The wood door industry has broad prospects for development, but there are also many opportunities and challenges. In order to further promote the scientific and technological innovation of China's wood door industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the wood door manufacturing industry, strengthen technical exchanges, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry, the organizer specially invited more than 400 industry experts, wood door enterprises, wood door equipment manufacturing enterprises, raw and auxiliary materials enterprises to discuss technical hot spots and best practices, and revealed the trend of "wood door automatic environmental protection coating solutions" and its profound impact on various industries

the meeting site was very popular

Huilong promoted the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing

Huilong paint was invited to attend the meeting as a pioneer in China's wood door oil to water reform and a "one-stop environmental protection coating solution provider". Huilong paint uv& At the meeting, Wang Jiaming, general manager of water-based paint division, shared with wood door enterprises from all over the country the transformation idea and landing plan of "oil to water" for wood door coating. Focusing on the transformation and upgrading needs of environmental protection, scale and mechanization of wood door coating, he interpreted it from a professional perspective, and analyzed the "Huilong one-stop environmental protection coating solution" from the product, process and equipment levels through the idea of man-machine, material, method and environment, aiming at professional Customized environmental protection coating transformation plan solves the transformation problems of wooden door enterprises in all aspects, avoids environmental pollution, improves coating efficiency, grasps product quality, and optimizes coating costs; With the improvement of the overall coating competitiveness, the win-win and development among door enterprises, coatings and equipment have been achieved, which has taken a firm step towards the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing of Chinese wooden doors

Huilong paint uv& Wang Jiaming, general manager of the water-based paint business division, shared his experience of environmental protection coating

focusing on profession has never stopped

for many years, Huilong paint has been focusing on the technical development and application of wood door coating. In 2005, Huilong was the first in the industry to launch the "wood door coating solution", and won the trust of the majority of wood door enterprises with its good comprehensive performance; In 2012, the "China wood door coating research center" of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences officially settled in Huilong coating. The combination of the two has greatly promoted the progress of wood door coating technology in China; In 2014, the research project of "environmental friendly coating preparation technology for wooden doors" proposed by the Chinese Academy of forestry and undertaken and developed by Guangdong Huilong coating Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance, and its wood door UV curing paint and water-based UV curing paint technology were successfully and comprehensively applied in Shandong WanJiaYuan, a leading enterprise in the manufacturing of special-shaped wooden doors in China; In 2015, Huilong paint went to the next city and moved the coating technology forward. It signed contracts with Runcheng Chuangzhan, a leading brand of Chinese wooden doors, and Luo Hansong, an expert of Chinese white lacquer doors, to establish "environmental protection wooden door coating research center" and "white lacquer door coating research center"; In 2016, Huilong invested tens of millions to build a "six dimensional painting experience center" covering an area of more than 3000 square meters, adding bricks and tiles to the path of environmental protection painting of Chinese wooden doors

after years of hard work, at present, more than half of the top 30 in China's wood door industry are partners of Huilong paint, and have won the reputation of "wood door coating expert". Huilong paint will also take this conference as an opportunity to continue to work with Chinese door enterprises to build an effective platform and jointly promote the great development of China's door industry




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