The golden rule of Novi's wardrobe simplification

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In an era when the wardrobe market is becoming fuller and fuller, novier family adopts the rule of "reduction + simplification" in the face of new environment and new challenges. Novier believes that compared with flashy design, simple and humanized design can bring better enjoyment to consumers

nowadays is the era of single point breakthrough. We should dig a thing deep enough and big enough; Nowadays, it is necessary to use ox knives to kill chickens. The best strategy is to make fewer models and make every product to the extreme. Under the impact of Internet thinking, novier's wardrobe has re examined and considered the market, users, products, enterprise value chain and even the whole business ecosystem, abandoned the comprehensive product research and development ideas, focused on the mainstream of the market, made subtraction in product development and addition in market sales; The design style is simple and European to meet the decoration needs of the main consumer groups

product subtraction, sales addition

Internet thinking is a new methodology, and the method of thinking is completely different. Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, believes that the core of Internet thinking is word-of-mouth. The core of word-of-mouth is "exceeding user expectations". Concentration, perfection, word-of-mouth and speed are the seven word decision of Internet thinking

Novi family has been specialized in the overall wardrobe for 16 years. Even in 2014, when the concept of big home prevailed, Novi family focused on the overall wardrobe without distractions and resisted all kinds of interest temptations. "Novi family is very professional in making Wardrobe" has become the consensus of the industry, which is the best reward for Novi family's silent cultivation of the overall wardrobe for 16 years

in addition to the focus on industry, novier's product positioning is also very focused. Customized wardrobe is a way of life, "one", which represents "a kind of ethnic group". It is an adjustable life state and world, that is to say, the people who use customized wardrobe and the people who use finished wardrobe are completely different. Novier home will be more subdivided and closer to the individual needs of users. In the corresponding product design, it will focus on the fields set by the enterprise strategy, study each consumer group thoroughly, and respond to the product design quickly

in other words, novier family adopts the principle of simplicity in developing products. Products, categories, status and even names should be concise. They are often like hundreds of series of products. Not only users, but also businesses will be confused

"numerous" represents perfection, but it is not equal to perfection. "Jane" is a single point of perfection, using limited resources to the extreme. After jobs returned to apple, he reduced more than 100 products to four. Other mobile phone brands in the market make dozens of products a year, and apple only promotes one mobile phone a year. This is exactly the same as Novi family. Disruptive innovation plays the strategy of small pieces and probability of success

brevity is not to reduce phenomena, but to tap the "one" below; Brevity is not a description of function, but a description of a certain mental state. This is the spirit of Zen, not to say with reason, but to face with intuition. Any product that needs instructions is not a good product. This is the golden rule that novier design products adhere to

simplicity is not simple, simplicity is not simple

every designer of Novi family makes every effort to work towards the common ideal goal, and uses all appropriate technical means to improve the quality of life and aesthetic taste of the public as much as possible. This makes the product design of novijia show the beauty of simplicity, simplicity and simplicity. "For the beauty of daily life", and this "beauty" is enjoyed by the general public. In this regard, novier's overall wardrobe products are very different from the so-called "elite" design of other brands. At the same time, the concept of equality of all people is also reflected in the design of novijia products. Its design concept is to strive to serve all people in the society, including children, pregnant women, the elderly and other vulnerable groups

novier family product designers believe in "making home products more beautiful!", Its design is simple, warm and comfortable, reflecting respect for tradition, appreciation of natural materials, and restraint in form and decoration

the simple and not simple novier products, while pursuing functionalism, did not forget the process quality of the overall wardrobe products, but a perfect combination of the two. The overall wardrobe is not a crude design, nor a simple and cold mechanical functionalism, but a harmonious, flexible, pure and concise humanized design. Novier's product design reflects the model of classic masterpieces, surpassing the defects that fashion products are only popular for a time

it is the historical mission of novier family to always walk in the forefront of fashion wardrobe design and always lead the trend of wardrobe! With an international vision, professional leadership and a brand-new lifestyle, Novi family has been helping people who are happy to enjoy life realize their dream of a senior bedroom

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