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Guo Degang

rose garden in Changping, Beijing

yesterday, the media broke the news that Guo Degang and his son were found returning to Beijing together at the airport. Surprisingly, Guo Degang and his son drove straight back to the villa of master Hou Yaowen, Beijing Changping rose garden. It is reported that after the hearing of Hou Yaowen's estate case last year, Guo Degang quietly bought master's loan owed villa and decorated it this year. It is reported that Houyaowen bought the villa at a total price of about 8million yuan, and now the market price is more than 30million yuan

the Guo Degang family has already moved in

and quietly decorated after buying

it is reported that the Guo Degang family seems to have lived in the rose garden for some days. At the beginning of this year, an insider revealed that Guo Degang bought Hou Yaowen's villa in the rose garden and quietly decorated it. Guo Degang did not respond to the disclosure. According to witnesses, the decorated villa has also changed a lot compared with the previous one. The exterior and interior of the villa have undergone large-scale changes. The villa is mainly European style, and the interior can be seen through the window is also quite luxurious. Houyaowen bought the villa at a total price of about 8million yuan, and now the market valuation of the villa is more than 30million yuan. According to people in the community, the decoration that took several months also cost Guo Degang millions of yuan

the villa covers an area of 1000 square meters

it is now worth more than 30million yuan

on June 4, 2010, after the hearing of Hou Yaowen's inheritance case, Guo Degang, who failed to honor his promise to testify for his junior sister Hou Zan, revealed in an interview that he was helping his junior sister Hou Zan in another way, but this was “ Little secret ”. An insider revealed to the reporter that Guo Degang called this “ Little secret ”, That is, he quietly bought master Hou Yaowen's owing villa

According to Guo Xiaoxiao, the apprentice of Hou Yaowen, the actual area of the villa may exceed 1000 square meters, with three floors above the ground, one floor underground, elevator, double garage, big garden, one bedroom on the first floor, three bedrooms on the second floor, two bedrooms on the third floor, seven bathrooms, and a man-made lake in front of the door. The conditions and location are extremely superior. The current price should be above 30million yuan. Wang Wen

Guo Degang:

I don't want to respond to this matter

has Guo Degang secretly moved into the rose garden villa a few days ago, as reported by the media? The reporter learned that Guo Degang recorded the "very good" program with Meng Fei in Ning yesterday. When a staff member asked him whether he had stayed in Houyaowen villa, Guo Degang immediately showed “ Don't want to answer such questions ” Attitude. Later, the reporter called Guo Degang's agent Wang Hai. On the phone, Wang Hai and Guo Degang had the same attitude and clearly told the reporter “ Don't want to respond to this &rdquo





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