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Almost all decoration people have a point of view: decoration is a regrettable project, so before decoration, we must make full preparations to block the decoration regret out of the door. Home decoration is a major event for every family, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1 From the economic perspective, urban family decoration can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even more according to the different building areas. For most people, this decoration cost is not a fraction

almost all people who have come over the decoration have a point of view: decoration is a regrettable project, so before decoration, we must make full preparations to block the decoration regret out of the door

home decoration is a major event to every family, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 From the economic perspective, urban family decoration can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even more according to the different building areas. For most people, the decoration cost is not a small amount

2. Family decoration is a major event related to whether a family life is comfortable and healthy. After buying a house, a family will basically decorate it once, and will not decorate it again for a few years or even more. Therefore, the quality of decoration is directly related to the quality of life in the future. Even the decoration pollution with more complaints at present will affect the health of family members and seriously threaten their lives. The hidden dangers brought by some concealed decoration projects are related to the life safety of a family, which cannot be ignored

3. In the process of decoration, the owner must participate in the design process of the house. After all, your own home is for yourself. If you completely follow the designer's design plan, it is likely to be someone else's home. In your future life, if you find that your living environment is incompatible with your aesthetics or living habits, it will be a painful thing

almost all people who have come over the decoration have a point of view: decoration is a regrettable project, so before decoration, we must make full preparations to block the decoration regret out of the door

decoration preparation mainly includes the following seven aspects:

first, psychological preparation

most people who have decoration experience often talk about decoration. Interested people will find that among the endless topics, there are not only their own successful works of decoration design, but also the "bitter water" in the decoration process. Decoration, for many owners who buy new houses and get new house keys, is more exciting and novel, while ignoring the difficulty and complexity of the decoration project. Therefore, before decoration, we must not take decoration lightly, thinking it is a very easy thing, and we should have enough psychological preparation to meet various difficulties and problems that may occur at any time during decoration. Only in this way can we see the trick in the decoration process. Owners who are about to decorate may wish to ask themselves the following questions:

1 How much do I know about the decoration process

2. Do I have enough knowledge about the purchase, installation and layout of building materials and furniture

3. In the process of purchasing building materials and furniture, I am faced with price trap, quality trap and promotion trap of merchants at any time. Do I have enough countermeasures

4. Dissatisfied with the decoration design scheme, is it necessary to start over after the construction has started

5. What if the decoration company delays the construction period

6. Is there any impact on the construction quality caused by plum rain or cold weather during the decoration construction

7. During the decoration construction process, which workers need to pay attention to on-site projects that are easy to do

8. What should the construction workers do if they cut corners, are lazy and slippery? How to deal with them

9. What concealed works exist in the decoration process? How much do I know

there are many such problems. After reading these problems, people who are eager to try decoration may not be relaxed. But seeing problems and difficulties does not mean that we are afraid of difficulties and hold back. In short, strategically despise and psychologically attach importance to it. With enough psychological preparation, let's start to decorate our home.

Second, preparation of home decoration knowledge

it's impossible to have psychological preparation alone without practical action. The first step is to start with home decoration knowledge and arm ourselves with knowledge. This will be your future face to decoration companies, building materials merchants Decoration workers may be a powerful weapon to fight against various traps. The preparation of home decoration knowledge is nothing more than these aspects:

1 Online accumulation

at present, the Internet contains a large amount of knowledge, and it is easy to search for a large number of home decoration knowledge. However, how to remove the weeds from these massive amounts of knowledge has become a problem in front of everyone. This requires diligent sorting and accumulation, and good knowledge classification. After knowing the general knowledge of home decoration, it is a good choice to visit home decoration Forum. If you encounter problems you don't understand, you can ask netizens at any time and exchange home decoration experiences online. Similarly, you can also tell everyone your experiences and lessons at any time. Receiving help and helping others are two-way. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the collective procurement, home decoration lectures and other activities organized by netizens online. While preparing knowledge, you can also purchase some furniture and building materials at the same time

[netizen experience]

★ step 1: you can go to the home decoration section of some professional home decoration websites to get a comprehensive understanding of home decoration; During this period, do not understand the problem must be written down in time

★ step 2: surround and support. For problems that you don't understand in the first step, you can use search engines to preliminarily eliminate these problems. If it can't be solved, there is a third step

★ the third step is to bubble the forum. Find a better home decoration experience exchange forum and seek the help of all the big shrimps on the forum. There are many enthusiastic people here, especially those who have been decorated. What they tell you is practical experience. Of course, it's better to believe in books than not to have books, and you can't completely believe others' words. You should adhere to your basic standing. Finally, when you bubble the forum, you should be modest, and others have answered your questions for you, Don't forget to say "thank you"

★ it's best to tell you a shortcut to acquire systematic home decoration knowledge: look at the home decoration diary of netizens, which is a summary of valuable experience

2. Consult people who have decorated, such as your colleagues, relatives, friends, classmates, etc. if you have decorated your home, you must not miss the opportunity to consult. You can get the most direct knowledge of home decoration from them. Often they will show you what they have done in the decoration process. Of course, they will also take the opportunity to spit on you. This is a good opportunity to learn, and their painful lessons can be used for reference directly. In the process of understanding home decoration knowledge, you will also accumulate some information about decoration companies and construction teams, killing two birds with one stone. Why not do it

[netizen experience]

★ listen to the decoration experience of colleagues and friends more, but treat their words differently. The general rule is: the person who clears the bag, say XX is credible, but don't believe it, and say XX is bad, because people won't easily deny themselves; For half a bag of people, you should believe that XX is good, but you should not believe that XX is bad, because people are often picky about others

★ one of my teachers is my colleagues who are decorating or have finished decorating. Of course, they are mainly face-to-face teachers. During the decoration, people's behavior changes more or less. One of them is that I love to talk with you about the progress of his home decoration. Most of what I hear from them are face-to-face opinions, including the deceptive tactics of the decoration company; Migrant workers lazy brush slippery trick; False brands and their own failed choices, etc. Generally speaking, those who talk clearly about experience and creativity are more than those who talk about problems and regrets. Big bag, none of my colleagues is big bag

3. Visit the building materials city and consult the decoration company

visit the building materials city mainly focuses on acquiring knowledge of building materials and furniture. If you shop more, you can generally understand the category, brand, workmanship and possible price traps of building materials and furniture

consulting decoration companies is mainly to consult their designers and foremen of construction teams. Of course, you can't see foremen in some decoration companies. Through them, you can obtain the knowledge of home decoration design, refer to some design schemes, and obtain the matters needing attention in construction

[netizen experience]

★ first visit the building materials city near your home, the building materials city near your new home, the building materials City in the supermarket, and the building materials city above the medium level

★ street needs to be recorded. Write down where you went today, what you liked, and the approximate price. JS is located in the booth number of building materials city. If possible, you'd better buy a camera with a picture. At the beginning of shopping, you need to ask if you don't understand. Don't be afraid of JS laughing at you, but if JS praises his own things as good, don't believe it. If you say others' things are bad, you must remember it

★ in fact, the first teacher who taught me decoration knowledge was JS. At that time, I didn't understand anything. When I went shopping with my wife, I often asked JS for some questions that now look very weak. It should be said that most JS are very good. Even if I specifically told him that I don't sell things but just look at them, he would enthusiastically introduce his products to you and send you some promotional materials, which may also disparage his peers. Of course, the level of JS is different, and some are very professional. I like talking with professional JS very much. When I am interested, I will sit down and give him a good cigarette. I am open-minded to consult

4 Visit the model room

depending on the actual situation, not everyone has such an opportunity. Generally speaking, for decoration companies, owners who are interested in choosing them may arrange them to visit the model room. Since it is a model room, of course, it is well placed here for everyone to visit. Some of them even do model projects without losing money. If you choose this construction team, your home decoration effect is expected not to exceed the model room. The advantage of visiting the model room is that you can get the most intuitive decorative effect and have the most intuitive picture of your future home decoration space arrangement. It is helpful for you to make a good abdominal draft in the next design. It is also a good opportunity to visit a decoration company

[netizen experience]

★ visit the model room: ask some things you can't learn on paper. When visiting, I only pay attention to whether something I have seen at home is still the same as the feeling of building materials city. Can I learn from the proud creativity of the host? Of course, the most important thing is to investigate and find a decoration team. During the visit, it is suggested to bring a tape measure to measure the space division at any time

5. Purchase books and magazines to learn

after your decoration knowledge has accumulated to a certain extent through the above ways, you can also buy some books or magazines to learn. Of course, it is mainly to learn the style of decoration design. If you have high aesthetic requirements, this step is even necessary. Because the introduction of decoration style in books and magazines has always followed the trend. Good pictures can be cut with scissors for reference

[netizen experience]

★ when your decoration knowledge reaches a certain level, you'd better read relevant books. After reading them, you will find that your level has a qualitative leap


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