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Limelight networks helps enterprises resist network threats with the help of new BOT program management

with the increasing scope, complexity and frequency of network attacks, limelight networks, Inc. (nasdaq: llnw), the world's leading digital content distributor, has to slowly load and unload. Today, it announced the launch of a new advanced BOT Manager solution for its limelight web application firewall (WAF) solution to protect digital content

according to the annual interconnection trend report released by Mary Meeker, the global interconnection traffic generated by BOT programs (zombie programs) is higher than that generated artificially. More than half of BOT programs are malicious and specialized in destructive activities, such as finding vulnerabilities and fraud in the site, stealing enterprise and personal data, and launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. At the same time, interconnection relies on useful BOT programs that support search engines and digital assistants

to solve the above problems, limelight's new advanced BOT manager ensures the maximum availability of the web infrastructure by automatically preventing malicious BOT programs and promoting beneficial BOT programs, so as to maintain revenue generating traffic. It can also help ensure a fast customer experience and support long-term monitoring and adjustment of BOT program management policies to protect web applications without affecting performance

st BASF, senior director of product management at limelight networks, announced that from December 1, 2017 Eve Miller Jones said: new threats are constantly trying to access sensitive content and paralyze the station. At the same time, the global regulations for protecting consumer data are also increasing. In addition, due to the lack of skilled IT security personnel, it is difficult for enterprises to protect the integrity of their station and customer data. Our comprehensive security solutions are integrated into our vast global private network infrastructure to help organizations protect their web infrastructure and content without impacting station performance

limelight cloud security services provide in-depth defense against malicious site attacks and unauthorized content access, and will not affect the performance of web applications and content distribution. Limelight web application firewall can protect stations and web applications from malicious HTTP application layer attacks. The purpose of these attacks is to harm stations and steal data. Limelight DDoS attack interceptor can prevent denial of service attacks designed to overload services through a large amount of malicious traffic. TLS/SSL can encrypt data, so it cannot be intercepted during transmission, and a variety of content security methods can be used, such as geo fencing, URL tags, and IP address white and black lists, so that only authorized users can access content

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limelight networks Inc. (nasdaq:llnw) is a leading digital content distributor in the world. It allows customers to securely manage and distribute digital content around the world through any device, so as to better attract audiences. The company's limelight orchestrate platform includes a global infrastructure with a comprehensive suite of functions and services designed to help you meet all your content distribution needs. The orchestrate platform addresses your most important content distribution challenges, so you can continue to deliver exceptional digital experiences anywhere

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