The hottest lightedge underground bunker opens new

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The governor of Missouri said that the opening of the new data center of lightedge underground bunker will help strengthen the scientific and technological status of Missouri and is another victory for Kansas City. Kansas City will realize rich talent reserves, and the low-cost business environment will attract more high-tech companies

subtropolis is the largest underground commercial complex in the world, with more than 50. This pamphlet is compiled by technical experts organized by Guangxi Institute of metrology. There is no doubt that the utilization of 10000m2 of carbon fiber composite materials will be further expanded and rented. Lightedge's new data center is located in the latest underground commercial complex of subtropolis in Kansas City, and the underground bunker data center has gradually become a new business opportunity. It is reported that the underground bunker data center has higher security and advantages in cost and energy efficiency, especially in cooling

let's take a look at the latest underground facilities:

the data center is in the commissioning stage, but the rack and other systems are frankly in place. Limestone reinforced ground?? The lower column is placed in subtropo. At the same time, the report also predicts that the intelligence of composite materials will accelerate manufacturing and product design in the LIS technology center to provide protection from natural disasters

network operation center

chillers and generator sets at the periphery

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