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Lightning protection safety construction measures

the installation of lightning protection (strips and rods) is a dangerous work of high-altitude construction, and the roof is a sloping roof with tiles, which is smooth and not suitable for standing, or a flat roof, but the floor is high, the balcony cover plate is narrow and other adverse factors. Therefore, the safety measures for high-altitude operation are very important for construction safety. Safety technology education and disclosure shall be carried out level by level, and all safety technical measures and personal protective equipment shall be implemented. Construction shall not be carried out without implementation. The materials, tools, equipment, etc. required for high-altitude operation shall be transported as soon as they are used according to the construction progress, and it is forbidden to pile and place them at random under overload. High altitude operation personnel must pass professional technical training and professional examination, hold work license and pass physical examination. The tools used by high-altitude operators shall be put into the tool bag at any time, and it is strictly prohibited to throw and transfer them from high altitude. It is forbidden to work at heights in case of strong wind above level 4, thunderstorm, dense fog, construction in rainy season and frost in winter. When carrying out up and down grade separation operations, first of all, there must be a certain safe separation distance in the left and right directions. This distance cannot be guaranteed to drive 100000 people to work. A protective layer that can prevent falling objects from injuring the people below should be set. Based on the advantages of the concentrated area and the industrial characteristics of aluminum based new materials, the following construction measures are specially formulated, which must be strictly observed by the construction personnel:

I. before the construction personnel enter the site, the project manager in charge of the project must carry out safety education for them and publicize various precautions required by Party A. During group construction, there must be more than four construction personnel in each group, with clear division of labor, and full-time safety officers shall be assigned to watch and supervise

II. All construction personnel shall work with certificates, wear uniform, and be equipped with badges. They must wear safety helmets when entering the site. They must wear safety belts when working on the roof, and check whether the safety belts are safe and effective. If there is any damage, they must use qualified safety belts

III. The safety belt must be fixed on a firm building and watched by a specially assigned person

IV. the person in charge of safety of the construction team must monitor the site. It is strictly prohibited to operate against rules or damage the interests of Party A

v. the materials on the construction site shall be stacked neatly and clearly marked by classification and specification, without occupying the construction road and operation area. Temporary facilities must be set up according to the plane layout, electric welding machines and tools must be arranged, and flat steel, angle steel and various materials must be stacked in order

VI. pipe protection measures. For all kinds of pipelines that have been installed in place in the construction site, take the initiative to learn the pipeline location and elevation from the owner, master the pipeline direction, and analyze whether they intersect with the project. After the location of the pipeline is found out, a row of wooden piles shall be nailed at a distance of 500mm from both sides of the pipeline center, and paint marks shall be made as the pipeline protection sideline. During construction, try not to excavate or pass trucks within the protection line. During trench excavation, excavate gently and slowly near the pipeline, excavate a section and support a section to ensure the safety of the pipeline. When the construction pipe intersects with the existing pipe, coordinate with the designer to change the pipeline direction or slope. All municipal pipes and pipelines in the site shall be protected by enclosing, covering and blocking measures

VII. Before lightning protection (belt) construction, check whether the working face is flat, whether the integral aluminum alloy structural member frame made of large-size aluminum alloy materials by CNC milling is firm, whether there is probe plate, and whether it is bound firmly before construction

VIII. Lightning protection (belt) reinforcement is transported from the ground to the roof with a large rope. It must be checked to see if the rope is damaged. It must have a reliable tension before it can be used. I believe we can achieve a good result in 2016, and the workers can not feel that they are holding their hands when pulling

IX. during vertical transportation, the rope and round steel must be bound firmly. Check whether there are other types of work nearby. Construction can only be carried out when there are no other types of work and no miscellaneous personnel. Before vertical transportation, the site shall be cleaned to ensure effective working surface, and guardrails shall be set up to prevent miscellaneous personnel from entering the transportation site. The caregiver must be highly vigilant and observe the surrounding conditions

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