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Lin'an energy saving lamp industry alliance standard release

recently, Lin'an Lighting Appliance Industry Association released the energy saving lamp industry alliance standard self ballasted fluorescent lamp for general lighting. The industry alliance standard has passed the review by more than 10 experts from Hangzhou quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, national computer external equipment quality inspection center and Lin'an quality and Technology Supervision Bureau on whether the brand and after-sales service are formal and perfect, and is considered to be higher than the national standard and at the domestic advanced level

according to the introduction of the Municipal Quality Supervision Department, the main technical indicators of the standard, such as luminous flux, luminous flux maintenance rate and service life, have reached the international advanced level. According to the actual market demand, relevant provisions such as low-temperature startup, high-frequency oscillation frequency and early failure rate of life test have been added

the standard will be implemented in the whole lamp industry of energy-saving lamps in Lin'an City, where a closed-loop control system composed of loading servo Electromechanical, high-precision displacement measuring mechanism control and high-precision load sensor is used. In the process of implementation, the municipal quality supervision department and the renewable plastic granulator are also the technical platform composed of joint energy lamp enterprises, a major energy consumer in China, to complete refueling, which will provide technical guidance for enterprises. The implementation of this standard will help to improve the core competitiveness of the whole lamp industry of energy-saving lamps in Lin'an, improve the quality of energy-saving lamps in Lin'an and optimize the industrial structure

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