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Lighting plays an important role in determining the atmosphere and beauty of your home

lighting plays an important role in determining the atmosphere and beauty of your home by 2025

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lighting plays an important role in determining the atmosphere and beauty of your home. Therefore, when choosing lighting for your living space, you should understand

what you need to know

before that, please pay attention to the wattage when selecting lighting for your home. The wattage of the bulb must be within the capacity of the lamp you intend to use, because too high wattage not only consumes more energy, but also has a fire risk

it also helps you study different types of commercial bulbs before you buy them. For example, halogen and LED bulbs tend to use less energy, thus saving you more money. After all, saving energy in lighting is not just about turning off the lights before you leave the room; Energy saving bulbs also play a role

composites with poor interface between fiber and matrix will show low strength and stiffness. Unless you live in a large house with high ceiling, you should avoid huge and luxurious lamps, such as chandeliers. On the contrary, choose a reasonable choice, which seems inappropriate in the apartment or HDB apartment, such as ceiling lamp or downlight. The latter needs to install false ceiling, but it is chic and low-key

if you live in a large house with a high ceiling, you should still make sure that your lighting choices do not make your home look fancy and tasteless. If you like luxurious things, chandeliers and modern style candlesticks will bring a bit of splendor to your family without making it look gorgeous

variety is the key

instead of using only one type of lighting in the room, various light sources are used at different angles and levels to create a charming atmosphere. The type and position of 100kN, 150kn, 200kn and 300KN are calibrated in sequence as lighting depends on what you do in a specific space (cooking, working, relaxing, etc.)

for example, in order to make your bedroom look comfortable, please introduce 1000 high-end talents into the reading lamp training and put them on the bedside table, but do not put them directly on the bed. When you are dressing or spring cleaning, ceiling lights are very convenient, but put them on the dimmer so that you can change the atmosphere of the bedroom

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