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Liling's "colorful porcelain banquet" is full of hometown flavor. Date: Source: Zhuzhou on September 25, the first theme activity of 2019 China (Liling) International Ceramics Industry Expo - "colorful porcelain banquet" national tide food festival was launched. Liling's most representative food products are gathered in the Chinatown cultural street, which makes all tourists salivate

"I saw the news that Liling was going to hold a food festival, so I took the high-speed rail with my wife to go back from Changsha, just to taste the flavor of my hometown I haven't seen for a long time." Mr. Liu, who lives in Liling ceramic fireworks market, led and supported investment in industrial demonstration, standardization and major projects early in the morning and came to the food festival with his wife. The delicious food nourished by the land can always touch the softness of people's hearts. Eating it will comfort homesickness. Liling fried noodles, Xiandu pickled duck, waiwaizi oil products, hand-made salt fruits, Xixiang wild jujube grains... This food festival focuses on Hunan cuisine, especially the local cuisine in Liling. There are 26 catering enterprises and 15 food bridge expansion joints. Therefore, the performance lies in what the boss asks you to do instead of what you think you do. The technical indicators of the testing machine and the representatives of the food industry have participated in the exhibition, and 56 Liling specialty snack outlets have been set up, Show nearly 100 kinds of delicious food. On the same day, the food festival also held a round cake eating (Liling specialty) contest and a beer drinking contest

the 100m oil paper umbrella corridor, the aesthetical antique fan wall, the creative photo frame, the photo background wall... In order to let tourists experience food and leave a good memory, the Chinatown cultural street is also more aesthetically dressed. It is understood that the "colorful porcelain banquet" Guochao food festival will last until October 7

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