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Lightweight - system development creates Valin Star Guide: in the face of the adverse market environment in 2011, Valin company actively responded by launching market segment products and achieved good sales results. The sales volume of each month maintained a positive growth year on year, of which the lightweight model Valin star contributed a lot. New technologies and new materials make Valin star "highway...

in the face of the adverse market environment in 2011, Valin has made positive sales achievements by launching market segment products, and the sales volume of each month has maintained a positive growth year on year, among which the lightweight model - Valin star has played an important role.

new technologies and new materials make Valin star.

after the official implementation of the regulations on highway safety protection, It has become a national trend to implement stricter supervision and punishment measures for overloaded transportation. The careful calculation of transportation benefits by users everywhere has turned into the desire for high-quality lightweight heavy trucks. Different from the early users, the early users chose the light-weight vehicle hastily because of the urgent transportation, resulting in quality failures such as girder fracture and weld cracking, and great economic losses due to long-term work delay; Now users have a very strict selection of lightweight models. They no longer blindly pursue "lightness". Quality and load are the most important considerations

the development of lightweight vehicle models involves the cab, engine, chassis, accessories and other assemblies. After the national weight charging, lightweight heavy trucks of various manufacturers have sprung up in the market. In order to seize the market, some manufacturers have developed a lightweight model in twoorthree months. Reduce the materials for the frame, steel plate, leaf spring and other components, and reduce the configuration of spare tire, tool box and other accessories. Material reduction and simple configuration. Such a lightweight model can only be regarded as a lightweight version of the old model, not a real lightweight heavy truck

we know that lightweight is one of the development trends of heavy trucks. What are the specific achievements of Valin star, the flagship lightweight product of Valin? The relevant person in charge of the Technology Department of Valin has solved the problem. The development of lightweight models is a systematic project. It took more than two years for Valin star heavy trucks to ensure that the products delivered to users follow the reputation of high quality of Valin products. Since their launch in 2008, the sales volume has continued to rise. With Valin star 6 × 4. Taking the tractor equipped with diesel engine as an example, the weight of the tractor can be reduced by 400-600kg after the implementation of lightweight, which is mainly realized through the optimization of design, the adoption of new technology and the selection of new materials. Through the computer simulation test and the actual inspection of the automobile test site, our Valin star has a good lightweight effect. After the lightweight, the comfort of the car is improved on the basis of ensuring the safety and reliability of the car. Through optimization design and finite element analysis, the weight of saddle and working platform is reduced by 20%; After the optimization of the body structure, the weight is reduced by 3%; The weight of the hanging part with new materials is reduced by 8%; Using high-strength steel plate to reduce the weight of girder, cross beam and frame by 3%; In addition, the optimized configuration, the light engine with the same power and the vacuum tire have effectively reduced the self weight, and the use effect of the car is also very good, which has been recognized by the majority of customers

the "light" and "heavy" of Valin star

according to the relevant person in charge of Valin marketing company, Valin star has a wide range of products, ranging from 180 horsepower to 310 horsepower, and 3D printers for tractors and trucks will launch a new material and dump trucks. According to the current market performance, Valin star, which is equipped with diesel engine, can be said to be one of the main models in Valin's domestic heavy truck lightweight market. This model is designed to the same standard as the high-end platform, and is more suitable for use in the midway logistics area with high weight charging and lightweight requirements

Valin star follows the consistent high-quality characteristics of Valin automobile. In the process of design, the "lightness" of the lightweight vehicle is reflected in the substantial use of aluminum alloy and high-tech materials with light strength, such as aluminum alloy gearbox, aluminum alloy wheel hub, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy foot pedal, aluminum alloy air tank, etc. while maintaining the bearing capacity and durability quality of the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle is greatly reduced to meet the requirements for the weight of the vehicle in the "weight charging" area. In addition, the "lightness" of Valin star is also reflected in fuel saving and "lightness". The Valin star tractor is equipped with a 310 horsepower Weichai engine, a 12 gear fast aluminum alloy gearbox and a small speed ratio single-stage reduction axle. Each key component is not only light in weight, but also high in transmission efficiency. The vehicle has a high economic speed per hour, which is very fuel-efficient, and is more suitable for the logistics and transportation characteristics of "light pulling and fast running" on the expressway

the "weight" of Valin star is reflected in the constant bearing strength and safety. The cab of the heavy truck is a large-area sheet metal part. If the lightweight design is made here, the dead weight of the whole vehicle will be greatly reduced. In fact, many manufacturers have also done so, reducing the thickness of the steel plate and greatly using high-strength plastic materials instead of steel. The changes here can not be seen at ordinary times. However, once a traffic accident occurs, there is a difference between life and death, heavy injury and false alarm. Valin adheres to the consistent pursuit of quality and the design concept of being responsible for products and users. Valin star heavy truck has not carried out any weight reduction on the cab. The thickness of the cab body steel plate is the same as that of the cab of conventional products of Valin heavy truck, which has not reduced the safety of the whole vehicle due to lightweight

in the eyes of users, Valin star

overload control, freight reduction, oil price increase, and arbitrary charging... The problems lie in the hearts of every long-distance heavy truck owner. The pressure of losing money if they are not careful makes them exhausted. Starting from the perspective of caring for users, Valin practically seeks the interests of users from the perspective of products to increase the profitability of products. Some manufacturers quickly launched lightweight models to cater to the market, making users become "white mice" with "quality" verification, causing great losses. In this regard, Master Wang, a heavy truck user from Zhumadian, Henan Province, has suffered a lot and is still in deep sorrow. At the end of 2006, Master Wang was transporting coal in the Shanxi Henan first line. At that time, Shanxi Province took the lead in the country in cracking down on overload. The expressway was charged by weight and strictly implemented. At that time, Master Wang and other users bought the light-weight models that were quickly launched in the market at that time. After less than one month of use, the girders and boxes of these cars cracked and welded. Everyone complained endlessly. After that, Master Wang changed several models, but they were not very satisfied. According to master Wang, among all the materials transported, the proportion of coal and sand, especially wet coal and wet sand, is a great test of the bearing capacity and stiffness of a car. He has been transporting coal and has strong requirements for the bearing capacity and stiffness of the car body. Therefore, he has never found a car with light weight and excellent bearing performance

when holding a promotion meeting in Henan with Valin heavy truck, Master Wang, who was eager to find a car, rushed to attend the launch conference of Valin heavy truck lightweight products held in Zhengzhou. After knowing the parameters and configurations of the Valin star lightweight heavy truck in detail, Master Wang immediately purchased one for trial use. Now, more than two months have passed. Master Wang's Valin star tractor has been running hard. The odometer shows that the proportion of pure electric vehicles in new energy vehicles has further increased by more than 10000 kilometers, and all parts of the vehicle are in good condition. Master Wang told him that at present, he has ordered two models of the same model. The Valin star tractor may not be the lightest lightweight model in the market, but it must be the most attractive among the lightweight models. He is satisfied with the Valin star tractor and is at ease with it

according to the relevant person in charge of Valin marketing company, Valin star has been selling well in Shanxi, Guangdong, Jiangxi and Henan provinces. Since 2011, the three places together account for about 50% of the current total sales volume of Valin star. These places have formed a joint effect, driving other local users to buy Valin star. Although the current sales are booming, Valin will not relax its service. On the basis of continuing to consolidate the original service, Valin regularly or irregularly organizes marketing personnel and technology research and development, which provides an opportunity for composite materials personnel to become the city's high-precision and powerful data processing capability of Valin star; Field survey and end-user survey, so as to continuously improve Valin star and make it a product closer to the market. (specially invited sunguomei)

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