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At the beginning of the year of sheep, vsi5x of Liming heavy industry won the title of "famous brand product of Henan Province". This is the first product of Liming heavy industry to win this award. After winning the third prize of Henan science and Technology Progress Award and the first order of Shanghai BMW exhibition in 2014, Once again, it has become the focus of attention with its hard power

"famous brand products" are strictly reviewed by the provincial quality strategy leading group in accordance with the standard of Henan famous brand product management measures, aiming to honor and demonstrate the enterprises that have made achievements in ensuring product quality, promoting management innovation and paying attention to user satisfaction. Through the procedures of enterprise application, data review, customer satisfaction survey, expert identification, leading group approval, announcement, etc., 336 famous brand products were selected in 10 major industries in the province, and vsi5x vertical shaft was successfully listed

to ensure product quality, improve user satisfaction, and create brand name cards, liming heavy industry strives for them

products - brand effect is upgraded again

it is no exaggeration to say that vsi5x is a super star among many products under Liming heavy industry. It has three national patents, with smooth and atmospheric appearance, reasonable and fine built-in, and both internal and external repair. It is superior to the rest of the world by virtue of its excellent strength: combined hammer design, core wear-resistant material, optimal launch port and internal smooth curve design, etc. In the engineering construction contracted by Baosteel Group, Gezhouba Hydropower and Nanjing intelligent building engineering quality acceptance code gb50339 (2) 003 xialuqiao, and Jinan Iron and Steel Group, vsi5x vertical shaft can be seen to be broken by impact, with strong strength, and is called "the best sand making machine you can buy" by customers

this time, vsi5x vertical shaft impact crusher was rated as a famous brand product, which not only represents the absolute leadership of Liming heavy industry in the market, but also indicates that the "famous brand" effect will bring more competitive intangible assets. With the deepening of the market economy, it is very important for the survival and development of enterprises to ensure the quality of environmental protection products and improve the brand effect. Liming heavy industry will continue to adhere to the high-quality business philosophy of mediating and upgrading household property with the economic tension of the people, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc., to build a respected enterprise

trust - define a new service model

in the evaluation of famous brand products, customer satisfaction is one of the important standards for the jury. So how to gain customer trust? At the same time of ensuring product quality, it is also the insistence of Liming heavy industry to improve its reputation with services. The latest customer satisfaction survey results in recent three years show that the comprehensive customer satisfaction of Liming heavy industry is 96%

Liming heavy industry is well aware that user service and guarantee are not an overnight event. Therefore, it always meets customers' demands with a high sense of satisfaction and runs the service concept through the whole process of production line operation. Whether it's an in-depth visit on the "quality Miles" service map, or the installation, commissioning and hand-in-hand training that follow the products to the customer's site, whether it's the daily service points set up in 32 cities across the country, or the overseas offices in various countries and regions, we can see the shadow of Liming people active at the customer's site. At the same time, it's not difficult to see that in terms of technological innovation, product quality In terms of customer needs, liming heavy industry embraces sincerity and wins trust

China machinery industry science and technology award, Henan Provincial Science and technology progress award, Henan Provincial Science and technology achievement award, famous brand products... A series of awards have come one after another, and their deeper meaning is that Liming heavy industry has been professionally and highly recognized in the market where hundreds of schools of thought are contending to click "read data". Committed to action and continuing to exceed standards, liming heavy industry is building a brand name card with reliable quality, good reputation and consumer recognition

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