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Linde forklift: committed to environmental protection and social practice Linde forklift: committed to environmental protection and social practice Linde (China) construction machinery information Linde (China) forklift Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Linde forklift") is the production, sales, service and technology R & D base in China of Linde material handling group, which is headquartered in assafenburg, Germany and has maintained a leading position in the industry for many years. In 1993, Linde Asia Pacific headquarters settled in Xiamen, which opened their careful cultivation in the Chinese market. On the other hand, their performance grew rapidly within 0 years due to the development and manufacturing costs and processes. In addition, they are also committed to promoting the environmental protection attitude of the whole industry with their own strength and practicing the most important corporate society in their mind

commitment to environmental protection is the company's primary demand. At present, the forklifts mainly used in China are divided into two categories: internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts. The internal combustion forklift is more popular in the Chinese market because of its large tonnage for one-time transportation and wider applications. However, on the other hand, the environmental pollution caused by the internal combustion forklift is much higher than that of the electric forklift

Linde, on the other hand, gave up the internal combustion forklift market with high market share and devoted himself to the technical level improvement and market development of electric forklifts. Through technical improvement, the carrying capacity of each Linde forklift has reached 1.5 tons, narrowing the gap with the internal combustion forklift. At present, the use of electric forklifts in medical/food/Electronics and other fields has been significantly increased every year

the implementation of environmental protection Linde forklift is an effective and strict safety and environmental protection policy to avoid the discharge of pollutants such as sewage/waste oil that have not been properly/safely treated. Each of their forklifts is specially designed, and its energy consumption and pollution emissions are not only lower than industry standards, but also far lower than similar products

the idea of environmental protection is not only embodied in the enterprise, but also rooted in the minds of every employee

"we cooperate with Tzu Chi, the world's largest environmental protection organization. On Wednesdays, their people come to collect the garbage of our employees, including waste paper and waste batteries. After recycling, they reuse it. Now our employees have developed this habit. They classify the garbage at ordinary times and hand in the classified garbage on Wednesdays. This activity has lasted for sevenoreight years." The management of the company said, "we will even encourage employees to innovate in their daily work. For example, we will encourage them to make improvements to save materials, save manpower or become more environmentally friendly. We will encourage them spiritually and materially for good ideas."

in addition to promoting environmental protection, Linde forklift also focuses on showing its attitude in public welfare and social events. In the year of the Ya'an earthquake, Linde forklift truck went to help them carry materials. Laihongmei emphasized that, They did not simply donate forklifts: "at this moment, what the rescue team needs is not a car, but handling power. Because we have so many points, at that time we can easily dispatch the team to help the rescue team complete the rescue task, and contribute our own power when the country needs us". In addition to demonstrating its strength in major events, Linde forklift has donated a number of hope primary schools and libraries in China. "Every time we donate to a place, we will send a third-party company to supervise. To be honest, we are not a rich company. We hope that our love can be implemented rather than just a show."

Linde forklift always pays attention to China. In terms of cultural activities, Linde forklift donated the exhibition area of Xiamen science and Technology Museum to contribute to the development of science popularization; Sponsor the art school of Xiamen University to help young people with artistic dreams grow up and succeed; "Linde love library" was donated and built in Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province. At the same time, Linde forklift also cares about the future of vulnerable groups and poor teenagers, donates funds to the "football hope project" of Beijing Guoan cross country club, and sponsors the cause of protecting children by UNICEF; They are enthusiastic about participating in the Xiamen Red Cross student aid project and donating money to help poor students in Xiamen

the operators put the cleaned sample on the turntable and clamped it on the publicity wall of Linde forklift Xiamen headquarters, and pasted pictures of their employees participating in forklift competitions and the company's annual meeting. Employees here tell us that there are even front seats specially arranged for pregnant women on their regular buses. No. 1: look. These small and warm actions warm each of them

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