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Linde delivers an 8-ton high-end forklift to Weichai casting and Forging Co., Ltd. Linde delivers an 8-ton high-end forklift to Weichai casting and Forging Co., Ltd.

has a broad market development prospect. China Construction Machinery Information

. Linde company delivered an 8-ton forklift to the casting and forging company, which is the first time that Weichai has used Linde brand large tonnage high-end forklift to drive the demand for 3 yuan materials

the delivery ceremony was presided over by guojinpeng, CEO of Linde (China). Chairman tanxuguang led company leaders above the group assistant level, CEOs and management team members of companies at home and abroad to witness the forklift delivery ceremony

forklift delivery ceremony between Linde and Weichai casting and forging company Linde delivered an 8-ton forklift to Weichai, which was the first time that Weichai used Linde brand large tonnage high-end forklift. Guojinpeng said that since Weichai group became Linde's largest shareholder, the business collaboration between the two sides has entered a new stage. As a leader in the field of forklift trucks, Linde will continue to provide Weichai with high-quality products and services to improve the production and manufacturing capacity of the group headquarters. At the same time, with the help of the group's business platform, Linde forklift will be able to drive to a broader market

at the ceremony, the main torque of Lin's experimental machine due to the change of spring came from maorui, the chief executive officer of spring de material handling, who personally drove the forklift into the center of the venue and delivered the golden key symbolizing the ownership of the forklift to Xuhong, the Secretary of the Party committee of the group. Maorui said that the forklift was equipped with hydraulic parts representing Linde's highest level, which was called "Rolls Royce in forklift" by Linde's employees, hoping to create due value for the group headquarters

Xuhong, on behalf of chairman tanxuguang and Weichai group, thanked Linde for its high-quality products. Xuhong said that the 8-ton high-end forklift delivered today is the first large tonnage high-end forklift of Linde brand used by Weichai. It has outstanding performance, high safety and reliability, and can significantly improve the driver's working environment and work efficiency. In order to further strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win results, the headquarters of the group has decided that all high-end forklifts used in the future will purchase Linde products. It is hoped that Linde will continue to provide excellent products and service support

it is reported that Weichai has been using Linde forklift and other products for a long time. Since 2004, it has purchased Linde forklift and is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and FRP pipes with annular cross-section. It meets the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards. There are more than 200 tractors and electric pallet carriers, which provide an important guarantee for Weichai's production and logistics system. After Linde joined the Weichai family, the two sides will surely stimulate more synergy in terms of manufacturing capacity, production management and market development

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