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In 2012, the import volume of resorcinol nationwide decreased by 5.4% year-on-year

according to customs statistics, the import volume of resorcinol in 2012 was 8842.6 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 5.4%. The largest source countries of imports are Japan (80.6%) and the United States (13.5%). The Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 13 of the year on March 23, 2012, deciding to conduct an anti-dumping investigation on imported resorcinol originating in Japan and the United States; On November 23rd, 2012, the Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 83, in which the preliminary determination decided to implement temporary anti-dumping measures in the form of deposit for the imported resorcinol from Japan and the United States from now on. However, these two investigations and measures have not brought too much impact on the import market because of the diverse structure and performance characteristics of the universal testing machine, The import in 2012 was only 201% higher than that in 2012 "As far as I know, the decrease of 5.4% in one year is mainly due to the good quality of imported products and high prices, but domestic products are difficult to replace for the time being.

looking forward to 2013, as there should be no suspense about the implementation of anti-dumping measures in March, imported resorcinol will significantly increase tariffs. At the same time, as the price of raw material pure benzene has been running at a high level of more than 1.4 million tons of plastic greenhouse film, the high price may deter downstream users; another is not The factor to be ignored is that 80% of resorcinol in the market is imported from Japan. Whether the import trade will be subject to political friction between China and Japan is also a major focus in 2013

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