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In 2018, the import volume of waste paper in China was about 17.055 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 33.7%

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core tips: [China Packaging News] according to the data obtained by resourcerecycling from the General Administration of Customs of China, in 2018, This is lower than the 25.72 million tons in 2017, a year-on-year decrease of about 33.8%, the largest decline in recent years. Compared with 2012, the amount of domestic imported waste paper has fallen by nearly half

in 2018, the impact of the import solid waste policy and the Sino US trade war ran through the year, becoming the most important factor affecting the amount of imported waste paper. The more important time points are as follows:

January 1st, 2018: the import of mixed waste paper is completely prohibited

March 1st, 2018: the impurity content of imported waste paper shall not be higher than 0.5%, and the scale of import enterprises must be more than 50000 tons/year

May 4, 2018: 100% unpacking inspection and quarantine is required for imported American waste

June 1st, 2018: comprehensive inspection before foreign waste shipment, and strengthen the supervision of the inspection organization by the alliance, which is composed of 8 manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomer materials and products, and 5 universities and scientific research institutes, including Hefei academy of materials science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hefei University of technology

August 1st, 2018: the domestic consignee of solid waste will implement a new registration system

August 23, 2018: import American waste will be subject to an additional 25% tariff

in 2018, the Ministry of environmental protection publicized the list of 26 batches of imported waste paper, with a total approved import volume of 18.155651 million tons. Compared with the actual import volume, about 1.1 million tons of import indicators have not been completed. So far, three batches of imported waste paper lists have been released in 2019, and 71 paper-making enterprises have been approved, with a total nuclear quantity of 5.5271 million tons

although the import volume decreased significantly, compared with other imported solid wastes, waste paper has become the industry with the best life. Similarly, the import volume of waste plastics, which has been limited since last year, fell by 99% year-on-year in 2018, and its melting point and glass transition temperature are higher 1%, close to complete prohibition

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